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Fantastic Virtual Baby Shower Games Ideas and Tips

With absolutely no thanks to the prevailing health reality, we have had to make a lot of drastic adjustments to our ways of doing things. Who would have imagined that we will all be locked inside our houses, resorting to virtual communication as our lifeline? Virtual baby shower games have even been developed in response to this isolation principle.

Fantastic Virtual Baby Shower Games Ideas and Tips

Consequently, virtual interaction has come as a viable alternative to the one-on-one meetings of old times. The coronavirus pandemic has really hit us harder than we thought. Our usual baby shower games are no longer possible. With gratitude to technology, we now have virtual baby shower games.

Obviously, you don’t have to skip your baby shower because of the pandemic, the quarantine, and all the social distancing protocol. Alternatively, you can host a virtual baby shower where none of these have to be a hindrance. Here, you can have a lot of fun just like the normal one by playing virtual baby shower games with the attendees.

However, the whole idea of a virtual baby shower might be strange to you, wondering how you will go about it, plus what games you can play. Graciously, we have designed this article to give you tips and ideas of how to go about your virtual baby shower and also suggest interesting virtual baby shower games you can introduce to your friends.

Useful Guides and Tips about Hosting a Virtual Baby Shower Games

Useful Guides and Tips about Hosting a Virtual Baby Shower Games

To successful host virtual baby shower games, there are some important details you need to consider. Proper planning is key to host an eventful virtual baby shower games. You have to keep in perspective all the limitations that come with meeting online, as well as how well you can harness the options presented by the internet.

Accordingly, we want to give you a few tips and guide on how best to plan and effective execute a virtual baby shower games session.

1. Start by Choosing a “Venue.”

There are a number of free or low-cost “venues” for your virtual baby shower. The most popular is Zoom, since it can accommodate a large number of “guests,” plus offers the flexibility of decorative backgrounds and even breakout rooms to team up for party games. (Note: Some of these features require an inexpensive account upgrade.) Still, there are plenty of other digital platforms that work just as well, like Google Hangouts and Skype.

2. Invite Intended Guests

You need to officially invite guests to join the event. This formal invitation to the virtual baby shower games help to control the number of persons that will join, get them informed and ready while also helping you to plan effectively. You can equally go ahead to notify them about the games that will be played.

No matter what kind of invitations you send, don’t forget to include important details like any password required to enter the online event, any supplies guests might need handy to play party games, registry information, and attire (the party will feel much more special if people change out of those sweatpants!).

3. Decide How Many Games to be Played

This is up to the mom-to-be. Since you don’t have as many activities as you might have during an in-person baby shower (brunch, drinks, dessert, etc.) you can probably squeeze in anywhere from 2 to 4 games depending how long you want your virtual baby shower to last.

There’s no rule here.

4. Virtual Baby Shower Game Prizes

You can’t have a game without prizes. But, much like the games, you’ll have to get creative. It is advisable that you use gift ideas that will not demand any physical contact and will be such that you can easily send it across.

Most preferably, you can make use of electronic cards. Also, if you want to get really serious about he virtual baby shower games, then you can send cash prizes through wired means to the winners. It is necessary to avoid any complex type of reward as much as possible.

5. How Do You Play Virtual Baby Shower Games?

Most of the games you can use for virtual baby shower are delivered via a PowerPoint presentation and some come with detailed instructions via a YouTube video.

The person hosting the virtual baby shower can watch these instructions in advance so they can then teach guests how to play during the shower.

Exciting Virtual Baby Show Games

Exciting Virtual Baby Show Games

1. The “New Parents” Virtual Baby Shower Game

A modern adaptation of The Newlyweds Game, this one is a bit more practical as it includes the parents-to-be answering questions about each other to guess their partner’s preference, confirm pregnancy cravings, etc. However, you can get guests involved by having them submit the questions either during the beginning of the virtual baby shower with Mom answering live, or ahead of time in email form.

2. Emoji Baby Pictionary

Welcome to a baby shower game for the 21st century. Guests are shown a series of emojis that translates to a baby-related word or phrase, and they’ll have to make their best guess. It works exactly like pictionary, just using all the cute (and weird) little icons you can find in your phone.

3. How Well Do You Know My Mommy? Virtual Baby Shower Game

Guests will guess at some of the parenting and random facts about Mom, from where she grew up to her favorite color and some of her more basic parenting plans (Wipes warmer or pacifier clip? Baby-wearing or stroller?, etc). Then she answers the truth and they tick off their correct responses; the person with the most correct answers wins.

4. Play-Doh Babies

Got two different colors of Play-Doh lying around somewhere? Use one color for the baby and the other color for the clothes. If guests don’t have any Play-Doh, it’s pretty easy to make at home with just flour, salt, water and food coloring.

5. Cupcake Decorating Contest

You can either have guests bake their own cupcakes at home (and who wouldn’t object to that?) or drop off a single cupcake at guests’ homes, then they can decorate to their hearts’ content either before or during the shower. Once everyone is finished, have them show their artistry to everyone on camera. The best part: you get to be the judge!

Virtual Baby Shower

6. The Price is Right, Virtual Baby Shower Edition

It’s a great virtual baby shower game that always gets lots of laughs, and of course some confusion from the older generation or people who aren’t parents yet and just cannot fathom how expensive baby items are these days! Like BINGO, you can procure printables ahead and just play it live over the online party as you would in person.

7. Guessing Game

If the parents haven’t revealed the gender or baby’s name, a guessing game would make things fun. Guests can submit their vote for the baby’s gender and try to guess the baby’s name.

8. Baby Animal Guessing Virtual Baby Shower Game Idea

This classic baby shower game needs some more aggressive adapting to be virtual-friendly, because you don’t want everyone just scribbling on their paper quietly and creating dead air over the screen. Instead, alter this classic baby shower game where baby animals that go by obscure names are paired with their adult counterpart.

You can do it call-and-answer style, where the host says the adult animal name and the other guests either raise hands and respond when they have it, or like the alphabet game they go in order and are “out” if they can’t answer on their turn.

Virtual Conversation

9. Word Scramble

Make teams or have everyone fen for themselves in this fun word scramble game. Various baby words will appear on the scream mixed up and guests have to try and figure out the word. Whoever gets the most the quickest wins!

10. Boobs or Butts

If you really want to liven up a Zoom baby shower and aren’t afraid of offending guests, grab this virtual boobs or butt game stat! In this hilarious game, you’ll see various photos on the screen and have to determine whether it belongs to a pair of boobs or a butt. This one is easy to explain and a riot to play!


11. Don’t Say “Baby” Virtual Baby Shower Game

This virtual baby game is super easy to start, but not as easy to win! State the rule at the start of the virtual shower that you cannot say the word “baby” during the gathering. As anyone does say it, the guest who first calls them out gets a point. The guest with the most points at the end wins an amazing baby shower game prize of your choosing.

12. Baby Face

This game requires a little bit of prep from both you and your guests. In the shower invite, ask your guests to email you one of their baby photos (the more embarrassing, the better) before the day of the shower. Then you can compile all the photos into a slideshow and have everyone guess which baby photo belongs to which guest.

13. Name That Tune

This is your opportunity to create your perfect baby playlist. It can feature nursery rhymes and lullabies, popular songs that have “baby” in the title or a mixture of the two. Just play a short clip (about 5-10 seconds) of each song, one after the other, and have guests write down their guesses on a piece of paper. Once you’ve gone through the entire playlist—we recommend about 10–12 songs—give out the answers, and the guest with the most correct answers wins.

Expectant Mother on Screen

Evidently, we don’t necessarily need to put our life’s on hold because of Covid-19 or any other pandemic that might want to cripple our social life. We can still go about our usual activities and events. Only that, we now have to adapt and accept doing this virtually.

As such, viable virtual options and alternatives have been developed. Virtual baby shower games are one of them, that can give expectant mothers the fun they so crave. Thankfully, virtual baby shower games are as interesting as physical ones.

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