Wedding Program Thank You Messages for Your Guests

Wedding Program Thank You Messages for Your Guests.

Wedding Program Thank You Messages: One way for a bride and groom to express their gratitude is to include a “Thank You” section in their wedding ceremony program. This section usually comes at the end of the program, and can include words of thanks to any or all of the following:

  • The bride and groom’s parents, grandparents, or other close relatives
  • Guests who have traveled long or short distances to be there
  • People who are directly involved in the wedding, including the wedding party

Wedding Program Thank You Tips

Before we delve into examples, here are some general points to keep in mind when writing this section of the wedding program:

Give thanks to the dead as well as the living: Unless you have a dedicated memorial section in your wedding program, the Thank You section is a good place to say a few words about friends and relatives who have passed away.

Spread your gratitude proportionately: In other words, if you give thanks to the bride’s parents, you should also do so for the groom’s.

If you thank the best man, also thank the bride of honor. Avoid naming someone if it might lead to hard feelings from someone else who was omitted.

Remember that there are other ways to thank people Some wedding programs contain extensive Thank You sections that list everyone, including paid staff. In truth, there are always plenty of people deserving of thanks for helping to put a wedding together.

However, you can thank many of these people in other ways, such as with a handwritten note, a small gift, or just a simple face-to-face conversation. You don’t have to do it all in the program, especially if you’re pressed for space.

Consider including information about the reception: Many Thank You sections conclude with a reminder about the reception time and location. This is a natural spot for this information, as the reception is another way of thanking people for attending.


The best way to brainstorm a Thank You section is to look at lots of examples. Here’s a handful of wording samples to get you started

                                                        Thank You!

wedding program thank you

Whether you’ve traveled near or far, we thank you for being here today. Please join us for a reception after the ceremony.

                                             From the Bottom of Our Hearts

We would like to thank our friends and relatives for being here today to celebrate our union. More than anything else, it’s the presence of the people we love that makes this a joyous occasion. We would especially like to thank our parents for their endless love, support, and patience throughout the years. And finally, we would like to remember the loved ones who could not be here today, except in spirit.

                                                          Our Thanks

wedding program thank you

First, we would like to thank God, who brought us together and has blessed us in so many ways. We would also like to thank our parents, who have loved, supported, and inspired us our entire lives. Finally, we would like to thank all of you, our friends and family who mean so much to us and were gracious enough to be here on this special day.

                                                   A Word of Thanks

wedding program thank you

We would like to offer a special thank you to our parents, Grace and Tony Parker, and Tammy and Doug Whitten.

To our friends and family members who are here today, thank you so much for making this an unforgettable day. We love you!

                                                       To Our Parents

Thank you for teaching us so many things – most importantly, how to love.

                                                          Thank You

We thank everyone who has made this day possible, including those of you who have traveled near and far to be here. We would also like to remember our loved ones who have passed on. We know they are looking down on us today.


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