Fantastic Ideas of Wife Nicknames Perfect and Fitting

Fantastic Ideas of Wife Nicknames Perfect and Fitting.

Wife Nicknames: How romantic is your wife’s nickname? Does she even have one from you? Anyway, nicknames are what everyone should have. Nicknames carry a degree of soothing and patronage that cannot be gotten with formal names matter the degree of twist we add to them.

Fantastic Ideas of Wife Nicknames Perfect and Fitting

Fortunately, there are no conventions or rules that apply in choosing a wife’s nicknames. Wife’s nicknames can come from anywhere. The nickname may be one that extols one of her outstanding characters. It can be as a compliment or accolades. Wife nicknames can be to show what you feel and how you value your wife.

Generally, it’s always quite pleasant of your wife gets to hear you address her with a soft, sweet, and genuine name. There are abounding examples of a wife’s nickname you can pick from.

However, we want to advise that you take your time in making this choice. Preferably, you can employ some creativity and uniqueness by coming up with something totally new and from your heart.

Highly Romantic Wife Nicknames

Highly Romantic Wife Nicknames

1. Angel Eyes – If your wife’s eyes are one of her best features, you can always highlight the point by calling her angel eyes.

2. Apple of My Eye – Long, but conveys the importance that your wife has in your life.

3. Beloved – The word itself should say enough, but if you love your wife more than anything in this world, ‘beloved’ is a romantic nickname to give her.

4. Diamond – Diamonds are long-lasting and considered precious stones –  the perfect name to symbolise your long-lasting love for your precious woman.

5. Dream Girl – The perfect name to call the girl who made your dreams come true.

6. Evergreen – Symbols for the immortality of the soul, ‘evergreen’ is a lovely way of telling your wife that your love for her is immortal.

7. Gorgeous – Calling your wife gorgeous will make her blush. Women love it when their men let them know they think they are attractive.

8. Heartbeat – this is the perfect name to call a girl that owns your heart.

9. Juliet – Romeo and Juliet have been seen as the most romantic couple ever for their devotion to each other in the face of adversity. If your wife is your lifeline and strength, this is a great nickname for her.

10. Mehbooba -‘Sweetheart’ in Urdu, this is a romantic name to give your wife.

11. Meri Jaan – Your wife is your soul and your life, and hearing this name will make your wife blush.

12. Mi Cara – Italian for ‘my dear’, this nickname is a romantic way of addressing your wife.

13. Mine – this has a little possessive edge to it, and if you used it right, it could have her melting in your arms.

14. Moonbeam – Just as the moonlight is the only source of light on a dark night, your wife is your light on your darkest nights.

15. My Drug – Drugs are addictive, and if you feel your wife is just as addictive, this is a romantic, yet playful nickname to give her.

16. Princess – a name to make her feel special, treat her like a princess and she’ll treat you like a Prince.

17. Rani – Rani means ‘queen’ and that says it all about what your wife means to you.

18. Sexy Mama – You find your wife as attractive after childbirth as you did before.

19. Sunshine – if she is the light of your life then let her know.

Alluring Wife Nicknames

20. Ace – Be it her career, sports or household work, is your wife best at everything she does? Then this is the most suitable nickname for her.

21. Ballerina – Does your wife have the grace and elegance of a dancer? Then this nickname is for her.

22. Best wife – If there is a competition for best wives, you think your wife would win it unanimously? Then choose this nickname for her.

23. Better half – This is an adorable way to call your wife as the best thing that happened to you.

24. Blue eyes – When your wife is one of a kind blue-eyed woman.

25. Braveheart – You may be the husband, but in times of crisis if your wife has shown real courage, then pick this nickname to honor her.

26. Brown sugar – If your wife has a dusky complexion, and is as sweet as sugar, then now you know which nickname suits her.

27. Busy bee – This is a sweet way to call your wife, who is always busy.

28. Cherub – This is another cute way to call your wife an angel.

29. Chubby cheeks – If your wife has the plumpest cheeks and she is proud of them, then go ahead and call her with this nickname.

30. Coldielocks – This is an interesting nickname if your wife feels cold all the time, even when in summers.

31. Cuddle bunny – If your wife is cute as a bunny and you love to cuddle her, then you know what to call her.

32. Cupcake lips – Your wife would love this nickname if her lips are as sweet as cupcakes.

33. Doe-eyes – Give your wife this a name if she has big bright eyes and every time you get lost while looking into them.

34. Doodlebug – If your wife is good at doodling, then call her with this name to show that you appreciate her talent.

35. Dumpling – Call your wife this and see her melt each and every time.

36. Guinea pig – Is your wife short, cute and simply adorable like this animal? Then feel free to pick this name.

37. Heaven-sent – Although this name is not easy to call out, you may use it to save your wife’s name on your phone contacts, or while writing a love letter.

38. Homegirl – When in your wife you find the home, then this is the nickname for you to pick.

39. Home-maker – Though this sounds like something you would write as an occupation, this is a sweet nickname to call your wife who makes your house a home.

40. Honey bee – This is a sweet nickname for a wife who is sweet as honey and as busy as a bee.

41. Iron lady – If your wife is the anchor of your life and she is the strongest woman you have ever met, then this is the apt nickname to give her.

42. Lady boss – If your wife is the boss of the house and has unstoppable energy, then this is a sweet way to say that you appreciate her.

43. Lady luck – Choose this name if your wife is lucky for you.

44. Little monkey – This is an adorable and sweet nickname to call your wife if you both are best friends.

45. Love of my life – Is your wife the only person you loved your whole life? Then this is the nickname for her.

46. Lovely wife – Is your wife a loving and caring woman? Then pick this nickname for her.

47. Lovely – If your wife is cute and utterly lovable, then give her this nickname.

48. Lucky charm – If your life has turned around after your wife entered, then choose this sweet and cute nickname for her.

49. Minnie – If she calls you Mickey, then she is your Minnie.

50. Mona Lisa – If your wife has a mysterious smile that is something to die for, then this is what your nickname for her could be.


51. Mrs. (Husband name) – This is a cute way to call her yours.

52. Mrs. Dimples – Girls with dimples are cute. If your wife has dimples then give her this nickname.

53. My beautiful – With this nickname, remind her how dazzling she is.

54. My best friend – Is your wife your best friend too? Then pick up this nickname to let the world know about your true friendship

55. My charming wife – Does your wife turn quite a few heads whenever she walks through? Then this is what you should be calling her.

56. My fantasy – If the woman in your fantasies has walked into your life.

57. My happiness – Call her this if the reason behind your happiness is your wife.

58. My innocent – If your wife is as pure as a baby, then this nickname will suit her.

59. My inspiration – Behind every successful man there is a strong woman. If you draw inspiration from your wife, then she is eligible for this nickname.

60. My life – Your wife is your life.

61. My passion – When your wife brings passion into your life, then this is what you can call her.

62. My sweetheart – You can call your wife with this classic name in public or around family members to show her you are not embarrassed to show affection in public.

63. My treasure – Pick this nickname if your wife is as precious as the treasure for you and you would guard her whole life.

64. One in a million – Choose this name if your wife is rare and you feel you are lucky to have her in your life.

65. Pebbles – Inspired from The Flintstones, this is a sweet nickname for your wife.

66. Perfect wife – If she is the perfect woman you have been waiting for your whole life, then this nickname is apt for her.

67. Pinky -This is a common yet sweet nickname for your wife.

68. Plump princess – If your wife is a big gal and she is proud of it, then this could be her nickname.

69. Pudding – Just like Harley Quinn calls the Joker, you can also call your wife with this adorable and sweet nickname.

70. Puppy – Another cute and cuddly nickname to choose.

71. Rainbow – There comes a rainbow after a hurricane. If your wife has made this true, and just like a rainbow she made your life calm and serene, then you know what should be her nickname.

72. Rose – If your wife is as beautiful as the rose, then choose this nickname for her.

73. Smart wifey – If you are lucky to have a wife, who is beautiful and intelligent, then this is what you can call her.

74. Snowflake – If your wife is as delicate and pure as a snowflake.

75. Snuggle kitten – If your wife is cute, adorable like a kitten and if you love to snuggle her like a kitten, then do we need to say more?

76. Superwoman – Honor the lady in your life, who has superpowers to manage everything with a smile.

77. Sweetie -Another well-known nickname for a wife, who is the sweetest person you’ve ever known.

78. Tickle monster: If your wife is super ticklish or if she tickles you all the time, then this is a good nickname to pick.

79. Tigress – If your wife is as brave as a tigress.

80. Twinkie – Yet another sweet nickname for your wife.

81. Wife for life – She will be thrilled to know that she is the only one for you in this lifetime.

Naughty and sexy Wife nickname for your wife

82. Candy – One of the most common names to call a sexy girl.

83. Cinnamon – Cinnamon is a hot spice, and it is a hot pet name for a lady

84. Cow Girl – Cowgirls love riding.

85. Freaky – for a sexy girl who doesn’t mind getting nasty.

86. Hot Stuff – unlike most sexy nicknames, this can be used in public.

87. Mami – A Spanish term of endearment for a sexy lady

88. Screamer – Perfect nickname for a screamer.

89. Sexy – the ultimate sexy nickname

90. Shawty – a famous nickname for hot girls.

Very Cute Wife Nicknames

Very Cute Wife Nicknames

91. Bon-bon: Your wife is as sweet as any bon-bon.

92. Boo – this might just be the cutest nicknames of all time. It’s short and sweet, and everyone knows what it means.

93. Bubbles – For the wife with a happy and cheerful personality.

94. Butterfly – Butterflies are beautiful and colorful. A cute name for any delightful lady.

95. Button – For the wife who is cute as a button.

96. Care Bear – When you love how your wife cares for you, there’s nothing cuter to call her than your care bear.

97. Cuddles – a nice name for a wife or girlfriend who loves to cuddle.

98. Cuddles – Your wife loves to cuddle, and you love nothing more than indulging her.

99. Cupcake – This is great for a wife you think is the sweetest thing around.

100. Cutie – Cutie is an adorable pet name for any beautiful girl.

101. Freckles – Many people have freckles, but they look particularly cute on some. If your wife has the most adorable freckles you have ever seen, you can call her freckles’ with affection.

102. Gummy Bear – Another sweet nickname for an adorably sweet wife.

103. Hon’ Bun – a funny name used to address a sweet girl.

104. Honey Bee – Putting a sweeter spin on ‘busy bee’, this is great for wives who are always busy.

105. Jellybean – Cute for a wife that tends to get a bit jealous, or simply because you think it suits your wife.

106. Kitten – This nickname is great for wives who are cute, petite and feminine.

107. Mi Lady – The French term of endearment that was traditionally reserved for noble ladies.

108. My Angel – some say this is too cheesy, but it is still an awesome pet name.

109. Peaches – For the wife who is a delicious as a peach.

110. Peanut: Perfect for the wife who is petite and a little nutty.

111. Pixie – Best for the petite wife who brings child-like fun and happiness to your life.

112. Pookie – Pookies are those little penguin toys you see in Pet Shops that say cute things like “please pick me!

113. Pudding – The name gives the image of soft and delicious comfort, and if your wife is someone who you can take comfort in, this is a cute name for her.

114. Pumpkin – A cute term of endearment for a beautiful and playful girl.

115. Rasgulla – Really the name of a favoured Indian sweet, but perfect for any wife who brings her sweetness into your life.

116. Smiley – Playful name to call a girl that smiles a lot.

117. Snookums – A cute term of endearment that has been used by lovers for since the 90’s

118. Soul Mate – this pet name says forever and after, and it is a golden nickname for a healthy relationship.

119. Sunshine – Perfect nickname to remind a lady that she lights up your life.

120. Titli – Meaning ‘Butterfly’ in Hindi, this name is great for the happy-go-lucky, social butterfly of a wife.

121. Twinkle Toes – The wife that loves to dance or is light on her feet is the perfect candidate for this cute nickname.

122. Vixen – A vixen is a female fox, so if you feel like you have a foxy wife, you’ve got the right nickname!

123. Wifey – A sweet way of addressing your wife.

Endearing Wife Nicknames

Endearing Wife Nicknames

124. Baby – One of the most popular name to call a girl. It is short and easy on the tongue.

125. Darling – this is one of those timeless pet names that makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside.

126. Dear – a classic term of endearment that has refused to lose its gentle touch.

127. Hon’ – Hon’ is short for “honey.” It is one of the classic wife nicknames that never gets old.

128. My Love – this is a simple but timeless pet name used by lovers.

129. Sweetheart – Sweetheart is an excellent pet name for girls. It is a romantic nickname that has never lost its feel.

Funny Wife Nicknames

Funny Wife Nicknames

130. Boss of the family – If your wife insists that her word is the final word, then this is a funny yet apt nickname for her.

131. Bounty – A funny nickname for a wife who always looks for a reward.

132. Bubbles – This is a funny name if your wife loves to live in her own imaginary world far from reality.

133. Chatterbox – For the wife who keeps on talking and talking.

134. Cherry Bomb – A popular punk rock song from the 1970s, this is a great nickname for the wife that loves to rock out.

135. Chikki – Calling your wife by the name of this delicious sweet just tells her she is different and sweet.

136. Chipmunk – Your wife may have cute characteristics and calling her a chipmunk is different and fun. This works best if she has a high pitched voice.

137. Chutki – Another nickname for someone who is small or fun sized.

138. Dilruba – If your wife is responsible for stealing your heart without warning, this nickname is for her.

139. Doughnut – Very few people can resist doughnuts, and if your wife is irresistible but different from others, this is perfect for her.

140. Dragon – When your wife is feisty and does everything to protect you and your family, then this is a funny way to honor her courage.

141. Drama queen – Classic and evergreen nickname, but check with her before choosing.

142. Early bird – The funny part is, you can use this name to call your wife if she hates to wake up in the morning.

143. Expense account – If your wife shops a lot and you want to tease her, then this is what you can call her.

144. Gangsta baby – For those wives who do not wish to, but always get into trouble.

145. Genie – If your wife is somehow capable of seeing to your every need like magic, then calling her your genie is a funny way of showing her you notice and appreciate it.

146. Giggles – Your wife is the type too laugh easily, and you always find her giggling about something or the other, making giggles a cute and fun nickname for her.

147. Glutton – If your wife loves to eat and she is ok about it, then you can pick this funny nickname.

148. Habanero – If your wife’s temper can get as hot as a red habanero pepper, then this nickname is the perfect way to tease her about it.

149. Heartbreaker – Whenever she breaks your heart, use this nickname.

150. Hummingbird – If your wife is quick, spontaneous and quirky, this can suit her perfectly.

151. Hurricane – If your wife has anger that is as bad as a hurricane.

Jealous cat – Does your wife get jealous easily? Then this is the name you can tease her with.

152. Khaleesi -A term that became popular because of the show Game of Thrones. A Khaleesi is the wife of a warlord and can equal the term, queen. (

153. Kiddo – If your wife is still like a kid and you also treat her like one, then why not pick this nickname?

154. Lady Luck – If your wife is your lucky charm, then calling her lady luck may be something that suits her perfectly.

155. Mermaid – This name is great if your wife loves to swim or has very long curly hair.

156. Messy Tessy – Is your wife a little messy and doesn’t really bother where the wet towel goes? This is the nickname for her.

157. Mini – If your wife is a short, cute female, then this is a fun nickname for her.

158. Mouse – If your wife is timid, shy and faint-hearted, then call her with this cute nickname.

159. Mrs. Dynamite – This nickname is perfect for the wife with a short fuse, but a great sense of humour.

160. Mrs. Funny bones – When your wife can laugh easily and frequently, you can pick this nickname for her.

161. Mrs. Mood swings – If your wife has instant mood swings leaving you guessing what is wrong this time.

162. Mrs. Volcano – If your wife is always angry and ready to erupt, then give her this funny nickname.

163. Muffin head – Your wife may not be the most intelligent woman, but she has a kind heart, then use this nickname.

164. Muggle – If your wife is a Harry Potter fan, you can tease her by calling her a muggle, or a non-magical person.

165. My shopaholic -Another funny name for those wives who love to shop.

166. Niagara Falls – Does your wife cry even at the slightest discomfort? Then this is one funny nickname for her.

167. Num nums – For those times when your wife is delicious, and you can just eat her up.

168. Party girl – Does your wife always look forward to going out and partying?

169. Pikachu – If your wife is a fan of Pokémon, call her Pikachu.

170. Shortcake – A cute name for short and sweet girls.

171. Shorty – A nick name that has become more popular recently and is a cute and sometimes funny way of referring to short girls. If your wife is short and cute, call her shorty.

172. Shot glass -Just like a shot glass, if your wife is small yet intoxicating then give her this nickname.

173. Silly goose–  She is silly, but in an adorable way, then use this nickname.

174. Skippy – Does your wife forget and easily misplaces things, then this could be her nickname.

175. Slick chick – For a woman who knows her way in this world and can take care of herself.

176. Snappy – Does your wife get angry at the snap of a finger?

177. Social butterfly – Give your wife this nickname if she is a social animal and is addicted to sharing every minute detail of her life in social media.

178. Soda pop – If your wife is popular among your friends and she can get along with anyone, then pick this nickname for her.

179. Superwoman – It’s not easy being a woman and having to juggle so much; calling her superwoman will make her blush with pride because you are acknowledging that she is a superhero for all she does.

180. Sweet potato – Just like the vegetable, if your wife is cute and adorably chubby, then you can call her this.

181. Temptress – If she has all that takes to tempt you, then this is what you can choose for her.

182. Tinkerbelle – Some women love DIY projects or getting crafty with things, and such a wife can be called a little tinker, making tinkerbelle a fun nickname for her.

183. Titania – This is the name of Shakespeare’s Queen of the Fairies from his play, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and is the perfect name to call your fairy queen.

184. Twinkle toes – Is your wife quick with her steps, then pick this name for her.

Apparently, you must have gotten some ideas now on what your wife’s nickname should look and sound like. Start today, if you hadn’t already, to bestow an amazing nickname to your superlative wife.

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