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Who Is Ekaterina Baker? 10 Facts To Know About Rodney Baker’s Wife

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This article is about Ekaterina Baker and her husband, Rodney Baker, who has been accused of pretending to be Indigenous people in order to receive Covid-19 immunizations. Continue reading to find out what happened next to them.

The Story

The couple was accused of impersonating Indigenous residents and receiving Covid-19 vaccinations . They took a chartered plane to Beaver Creek and pretended to be hotel staff in order to be vaccinated.

However, they were discovered lying on the flight back to Vancouver. Ekaterina Baker is a Canadian actress best known for her role in the 2020 film Chick Fight as Veronica.

Oksana and Viktor, The Comeback Trail, Fatman, The Assets, The Card Counter, A Righteous Man, and Vanquish are among her other credits.

She has worked as a producer on Bonded, Big Gold Brick, 12 Mighty Orphans, and Chick Fight.

Baker has worked for Authur Sarkissian Productions, P2 Films, Fortitude International, and Mad Resilience Films, among others.

10 Facts To Know About Rodney Baker’s Wife

Ekaterina Baker is 32 years old. She has yet to reveal her precise birth date.

According to IMDB, she was born in Europe.

Ekaterina Baker had an Instagram account, which she appears to have closed at the moment.

Bake is not available on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or TikTok.

Ekaterina Baker is married to Rodney Baker, the former CEO of a Canadian casino. He has left Canadian Gaming Corporation.

The pair has been married for some time, however, it is unclear whether or not they have children.

Baker was born in Europe but holds Canadian citizenship.

She stands 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs approximately 51 kg. Her hair is blonde, and her eyes are blue.

Baker has not revealed the identities of her parents or siblings. She keeps her family life discreet.

Ekaterina is most likely well-paid for her profession as an actress and producer. Her actual net worth, earnings, and wages are still unknown.


FAQs on Ekaterina Baker

1. How Old is Ekaterina Baker?

She is 32 years old

2. How Tall is Ekaterina?

She is 5 feet 7 inches tall

3. Where is Ekaterina from?

She is from Canada

4. Is Ekaterina Married?

Yes, she is married

5. What is the Name of her Husband?

The name of her husband is Rodney Baker

6. What is Ekaterina’s Occupation?

She is an actress

7. What is her Net Worth?

Her net worth is unknown

8. Does she have Kids?

It is unknown to the Public

9. Does she have a YouTube Channel?

No, she does not have

10. Is she on TikTok?

No, she is not on TikTok

Matthew Harrison, regarded as one of the top acting trainers, trained Ekaterina. She received a Critics Award for her work on the short film Oksana and Viktor.

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