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Popular and Unique French Girl Names and Meanings for Babies

Popular and unique french girl names and meanings for babies have always had a chic appeal for parents from far France and people who will love to name their girl children a french name even when they are not from the country. No language evokes beautiful, chic, and elegant as the French language does. french girl names

The custom of naming in France traditionally involved parents taking saint names from the Roman Catholic calendar of saints. The Roman Catholic calendar assigned a saint for almost every day of the year, so parents typically gave their child the name of the saint that was attached to the day of the child’s birth.

French girl names can hold certain associations just by their pronunciation. But finding the meanings and facts behind each name can take a long time. Our article is right here to help you out.

Adorable Names of  Girls in French

Here is a comprehensive list of traditional and popular French names for girls used in France. These names will give any girl an aura of elevated elegance and beauty.

1.Aaida: helpful

2. Abrielle: A woman of God

3. Aceline: A noble woman

4. Adalaide: Noble person

5. Adalene: Person of aristocracy

6. Adaline: Kind-hearted person

7. Adeline: noble, nobility

8. Adrienne: from the city of Hadria. “french girl names”

9. Agnès: pure or holy.

10. Alice: Truth or reality.

11. Aline: noble

12. Alix: nobility

13. Alizee: Trade Wind

14. Amélie: hardworking and industrious.

15. Anastasie: resurrection

16. Andrée: feminine version of Andrew; brave.

17. Anne: gracious.

18. Alodie: Wealthy

19. Amalie: Hardworking and curious

20. Aimée: Beloved and nurturing one

21. Amadine: Worthy of Love

22. Amour: Love

23. Annabelle: Lovable

24. Anelise: Devoted to God

25. Annette: favour or grace

 26. Angeline: Messenger

27. Antonine: priceless “french girl names”

28. Aubrey: elf ruler

29. Audrey: Noble strength

30. Audette: A bird

girl names in french

31. Aurore: Goddes of dawn; golden and lively

32. Aurorette: Variation of Aurore

33. Aveline: hazelnut

34. Avice: A refuge in battle

35. Avignon

36. Avriel : April

37. Avryll: Spring

38. Adrienne: from the city of Hadria

39. Agnès: pure or holy

40. Algae: splendor or beauty

41. Albertine: Noble and Bright

42. Avril: Spring

43. Alice: Truth or reality

44. Aline: noble

45. Amélie: hardworking and industrious

46. Adélaïde: noble

47. Amelie: hardworking

48. Aurelie: golden

49. Aveline: little hazelnut tree

50. Aimée: Beloved

51. Anne: Belle

52. Anne-Marie

53. Antoinette – Praiseworthy

54. Anne-Laure

55. Anastasie: resurrection

56. Andrée: feminine version of Andrew; brave

57. Anne: gracious

58. Antoinette: highly praiseworthy

59. Arane: Most Holy

60. Bernadette – Brave as a bear

babies names

61. Blanche: white

62. Basilie: Basil

63. Belle: Beautiful

64. Babette: My god is my Oath “french girl names”

65. Benoite: Blessed

66. Beatrice: traveler

67. Benedicte: Blessed

68 Bijou: Jewel

69. Blaise: royal or kingly

70. Blanche: White

71. Blisse: Delight or joy

72. Brielle: hunting grounds

73. Brigitte: Magnificent and great

74. Camille: unblemished and perfect

75. Capucin :  beautiful flower

76. Capucine: cape

77. Celeste: heavenly

78. Celina: sky or heaven

79. Celine: Heavenly

80. Cerise: Cherry

81. Cezanne: A big flower

82. Chanel : From the canal or channel

83. Charlotte – Strong and free

84. Chloé –  Flourishing and blooming

85. Claire – Clear and brightly shining

86. Clarisse

87. Claudine: Claudius.

88. Clementine : Merciful, Mild

89. Colette – Victorious and triumphant

90.  Corinne – Maiden

french girl

91. Cossette: Little thing

92. Cunegonde: family war or Clan

93. Chanel: Pipeline

94. Chantae: A sweet song

95. Chantal: A stone for building

96. Clarette: Clear and bright

97. Celeste: Heavenly

98. Clementine: mild, merciful

99. Coralie: coral

100. Cosette: something small and tiny

101. Carole: A strong woman

102. Caroline: strong

103. Catherine: pure and clear

104. Charlotte: freeman

105. Christine: follower of Christ

106. Claire: clear and bright

107. Colette: one who is victorious

108. Danielle: God is my judge

109. Danielle – God is the judge

110. Dior: golden

111. Denise– Devoted to the wine god, Dionysius

112. Delphine: dolphin

113. Desiree: Desired and longed for

114. Dominique :Belonging to the Lord “french girl names”

115. Davignon: dearly loved person

116. Delphine: dolphin

117. Dominique: belonging to the Lord

118. Denise: the god of wine

119. Edmee: Rich Protection

120. Elayne: Light

121. Eleonore: shining light

122. Elodie: Wealth

123. Estelle : Star

124. Euginie: wellborn

125. Evalynn: wished-for child

126. Édelie: Having high principles

127. Elayne: A ray of light

128. Élise: Oath of God or God is satisfaction

129. Elloise: famous in war

130. Eulalie: a well-spoken or sweet-speaking person


131. Édith: blessed with riches

132. Émilie: excelling in all things

133. Élodie: foreign riches

134. Éloise: healthy

135. Esmée: beloved one

136. Elaine : Bright, shining light

137. Fabienne: a bean farmer

138. Fayette: little fairy

139. Fleurine: to flow or little flower

140. Françoise: France

141. Francine: a free one

142. Fleur: flower

143. Fosette: dimpled

144. Fleur A flower

145. Gabriel – God is the hero and strength

146. Gabrielle – God is my strength; one of the archangels

147. Garcelle: little spear

148. Giselle: beautiful like a star

149. Gisil: bright pledge

150. Giverny: a French town

151. Geneviève: a race of women “french girl names”

152. Giselle: a pledge

153. Hughette: bright in mind and spirit

154. Inés: chaste and pure

155. Isabelle: God is my oath

156. Jacqueline: The one who comes after or replaces

157. Jeanne: God is gracious

158. Jean-Marie

159. Jewel: Pretty, precious gemstone

160. Joelene: pretty

french girls

161. Jolie : Pretty

162. Josephine: God will add or increase

163. Juliette: youthful

164. Juliet – Forever young

165. Lille: Lilly

166. Lise: God is my oath.

167. Lucie: light

168. Lizette: consecrated in God

169. Lorraine : From the province of Lorraine

170. Lourdes: From the town of Lourdes in France

171. Louise: Brave warrior

172. Lucie: Illuminating and light

173. Lilou: lily flower

174. Lucienne: light

175. Monet: to be heard

176. Monique: advisor

177.  Maëlle: princess, ambitious

178. Maëlys : chief

179. Maeva: welcome

180. Marcelle: God of war

181. Margo: pearl

182. Marion: lady of the sea or wished-for child

183. Margaux:  : Pearl

184. Manette: sea of bitterness

185. Manon: elevated or magnificent “french girl names”

186. Margot: pearl

187. Madelyn: Hightower

188. Marlène: graceful star of the sea

189. Madeleine: magnificent

180. Madeline : Elevated

181. Mélanie: Little dark-haired girl; dark

182. Monet: noble

183. Mathilde: strength in battle

184. Meline: little honey

185. Mirabelle: plum

186. Michelle: one who is like God

187. Mireille: wonderful, prosperous, to admire

188. Monique: wise

189. Madeleine: Strong and great, high tower

190. Mallory : Unfortunate and unlucky

french girls names

191. Marie-Jacques

192. Marie-Eloise

193. Manon – Bitter or child of wishes

194. MargotLike a pearl, child of light

195. Marie-Joelle

196. Marie-Claire

197. Marie-Claude

198. Marie-Thérèse

199. Marie-Élise

200. Marie – Star from the sea of bitterness

201. Valerie: strength, health

202. Juliette: youthful, beautiful, and vivacious

203. Josephine: Jehovah increases

204. Monique – A wise counselor and advisor

205. Natalie: birthday of the Lord

234. Noémie – Winsome, pleasant, lovely “french girl names”

206. Nicolette – A victory of the people

207. Noelle: Christmas

208. Noémie: pleasant

209. Noel –  Born on Christmas Day or at Christmastime

210. Nicollete: victorious

211. Noelle: born on Christmas

212. Noémie: pleasant and lovely

213. Nadeleine: a ray of hope

214. Ninette: God’s valuable talent

215. Océane: ocean

216. Odile : fortunate or prosperous

217. Odette: rich and wealthy

218. Patrice: Noble, born into nobility

219. Pauline: humble and small

220. Noelle: Christmas

221. Reine: queen

222. Rochelle: little rock

223.Rosine: Rose

224. Remi: oarsman

225. Renée: Born again or reborn

226. Rochelle: woman who is like a rock

227. Rolande

228. Rosalie: rose

229. Rosalee : Garden full of roses

230. Risette : pleasant little laugh

french babies names

231 Renée: reborn or born again “french girl names”

232. Saara: princess

233. Salomé: peace

234. Severine: a stern person

235. Sarah: princess “french girl names”

236. Seychelle: an island

237. Sidonie: follower of Saint Denys

238.. Solange: solemn or religious

239. Simone: one who hears

240. Sophie: wisdom

241. Sylvie: from the forest

242. Simone – Hearkening, “she heard”

243.  Suzette

244.  Thérèse: reap or gather

245.. Violet – A purple-blue flower “french girl names”

246. Valentine : love

247. Véronique: true image

248. Violette: beautiful color

249.. Yolanthe: strong

250. Yvonne: archer a bowman

251.  Zoe : Vibrant and full of life

252. Zelie: Envy

French is regarded as one of the most beautiful languages in the world. It is quite fascinating and so are the French names. You will find some uncommon names with wonderful meanings for your little baby girl.

French names are beyond everything, so you should definitely consider these pretty French girl names during your search. Be creative and check out some rare names to give your baby a unique one. You are at liberty to share this article.

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