96 Marvelous and Popular Nicknames for Amanda 2020 Update

96 Marvelous and Popular Nicknames for Amanda 2020 Update.

Amanda may be a common name, but it can be a challenge to find a good nickname for Amanda, which is why we put together a big list of all the nicknames we might find for Amanda.

Nicknames for Amanda

Amanda Origin and Meaning

The name Amanda has a Latin root, and from the word amāre which means “to love,” “worthy of being loved,” or “worthy of love,” is believed to be the feminine form of the Saint’s name Amandus.

In the 1200s, this name first came into being in England, and was later popularized in America from the 1930s to the 1960s.

American actress Amanda Schull, Canadian actress Amanda Crew, Scottish model Amanda Hendrick, British actress Amanda Holden, CBC News Business Journalist Amanda Lang, etc, are several notable women who bear the name Amanda.

Popular Short Nicknames for Amanda

First, let’s start with all the short forms or short nicknames for Amanda:

  • Ann – A Latin variant that serves as a nickname for an Aw mmmanda.
  • Ams – A simple nickname for an Amanda.
  • Amy – A French variant meaning “dearly loved.”
  • Ama – Coined from the first three letters of the name.
  • Mana – A name with Hawaiian origins.
  • Anna – A Latinate variant of the French name Anne, suitable for an Amanda.
  • Amie – For a beautiful friend that bears Amanda.
  • A-May – An Amanda born in May.
  • Anda – A name with Greek origins, suitable as a nickname for Amanda.
  • Dee – Culled from the D in Amanda.
  • Ammy – A nickname with French origin, meaning “beloved.”
  • Amah – A name with Arabic origins.
  • Da – From the last two letters of Amanda.
  • Dah – From the last two letters of the name.
  • Madi – A sweet nickname from the middle letters in Amanda.
  • A – Short and simple, from the first letter of the name Amanda.
  • Ma-Ma – For a very motherly Amanda.
  • Aah – Coined from the pronunciation of the first letters in Amanda.
  • Aman – From the first few letters of Amanda.
  • Ames – A French name meaning Beloved.

Unique Nicknames for Amanda

If your Amanda is a lovely, beautiful sweetheart, then you should probably use the name of a cute pet for her. For her, here are some sweet Amanda nicknames:

  • Amy-dee – Pronounced as Amy with a D.
  • Mandi – A variant of the English name Amanda.
  • Amandi – An unusual but sweet nickname for an Amanda.
  • Amada – A Spanish variant for Amanda.
  • Amandah – Amanda with a lot of emphasis on the last syllable.
  • Andie – For a tomboy that bears Amanda.
  • Manda – An abbreviation for Amanda, interpreted as “worthy of being loved.”
  • Mandie – An abbreviation meaning “worthy of love.”
  • Mandy – A nickname with English origin, meaning “lovable.”
  • Amandy – A nickname with Latin origin.
  • Amata – A Spanish variant for the name Amanda.
  • Am-manjula – For a charming lady named Amanda.
  • Mami-da – For a yummy mami named Amanda.
  • Madee – A not-so-popular variant for an Amanda.
  • Adnama – Amanda from the last letter to the first.
  • Triple A – From the three A’s present in the name Amanda.
  • Ammdi – Pronounced as “Am-di.”
  • Mandee – A name with Latin origin, meaning “fit to be loved.”
  • Amand – The most similar abbreviation to Amanda.
  • Mands – A cute variation of Amanda.
  • Amandalyn – A Latin name meaning “worthy of love.”
  • Tha Amantha – The one and only Amanda.
  • Manny – A popular Greek nickname, suitable for an Amanda.
  • Amada – A Spanish variant of Amanda.
  • Amandie – A Latin variant for Amanda.
  • Amma-money – For an extremely wealthy Amanda.
  • Amandine – A French variant interpreted as “much loved.”

Cutest Nicknames for Amanda

Here are some of the cutest Amanda nicknames you could call her:

  • Lovey – For a sweet and lovable girl, gotten from the interpretation of Amanda -deserving to be loved.
  • Manda-Granda – For an enormous-looking girl.
  • Aman-dazzle – For a flashy and sophisticated Amanda.
  • AmyCandy – For a lovely Amanda.
  • Minnie Mandy – Adapted from the cartoon character Minnie Mouse, for an adorable child named Amanda.
  • Ammy Dandily – For a cheerful and fun-spirited Amanda.
  • Amity – A Latin name interpreted as “friendship” or “harmony,” for a friendly and easy-going Amanda.
  • Mandaboo – For a sweet and lovable Amanda.
  • Amylily – For a fair-skinned beauty named Amanda.
  • Amykins – For a tiny cutie named Amy.
  • Aimy-Cakes – For a soft and sweet Amanda.
  • Daa Daa – Perfect for a cute baby girl.
  • M-amyCita – Culled from the word Mamacita.
  • Pandy-Mandy – kind-hearted Amanda.
  • Aimee – A French variant interpreted as “loved.”

Nicknames for Amanda

Clever Nicknames for Amanda

Does Amanda have a sense of logic that is clever or sharp? Is she one to enjoy a nickname that is smart and thoughtful? For her, here are some smart Amanda nicknames:

  • A-nanda – From the name Nanda, which means Joy, for a vibrant and happy soul.
  • Mand-ella – For a beautiful and tough woman named Amanda, adapted from the name of Ex-South African President Mandela and the French word “Ella.”
  • Handy Mandy – An Amanda that performs odd jobs like a pro.
  • ‘Mand-O-War – From the phrase “Man O War” for a tough and independent Amanda.
  • Adamana – Amanda, with the letters cleverly muddled up.
  • Amand-Pour – Coined from the name of one of CNN’s most prominent female reporter, Christiane Amanpour, for a promising young Journalist or reporter named Amanda.
  • ManDee – For a very muscular girl.
  • Miss Mand-nificent – For an extraordinary lady that bears Amanda.
  • Amango – For a very curvy and attractive Amanda.
  • Ama-nada – For the most pessimistic and coldest Amanda, you’ve ever met.
  • Mandasaurous – Culled from the word Dinosaur, for a tall and strong Amanda.
  • Mangestic – For a majestic lady named Amanda.
  • Amand-ate – For a stern and disciplined Amanda, culled from the word Mandate.
  • Amy-able – For a disciplined and “capable” Amanda, who never fails to impress.
  • A-danda – From the word Dandy, for a refined and marvelous lady name Amanda.
  • Gra-ammy – For a very talented singer or songwriter named Amy.
  • Aim-Manda – For a go-getter that aims high and always wins.
  • A-Team – For the leader of a clique or gang that bears Amanda.

Funny Nicknames for Amanda

Does the Amanda in your life come with a ridiculous sense of humor? The kind of lady that would love a good joke in the form of a nickname? Here are some comical nicknames for her:

  • Man-d-iac – For the crazy or wild one.
  • Mandy Maddy – One who does the stupidest things.
  • Mandaranda – For a very aggressive and hyper Amanda. The name is coined from Amanda and the word Randy.
  • Mandroid – For a robot-like Amanda.
  • Aman-d-lie – For a chronic liar named Amanda.
  • De-mandy – For a very demanding and exhausting person.
  • Ah-mah – For a very loud Amanda.
  • Sal-amanda – From the name of the lizard Salamander, for a creepy and sneaky Amanda.
  • Ah-Man-Ah – For an Amanda who goes crazy at the sight of a handsome male.
  • Brandy-Mandy – For a shameless drunkard who’s always with a bottle.
  • Man-ish – For an Amanda with a manly figure.
  • Manda-Doodles – For a playful and childish girl.

Nicknames for Amanda

Famous People Named Amanda

  • Amanda Seyfried, American actress
  • Amanda Bynes, American actress
  • Amanda Peet, American actress
  • Amanda Beard, American Olympic swimmer
  • Amanda Bearse, American actress
  • Amanda Palmer, singer/songwriter (Dresden Dolls/solo career)

Have you heard of any other cool Amanda nicknames that aren’t on our list? Perhaps a name you’ve been named by friends and family, or a name you’ve given to Amanda in your life? Please share them with us in the comment section

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