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Why Is That Vegan Teacher Going to Jail? … Twitter Wants to Know!

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We’ll be talking about that vegan teacher, a TikTok personality, Nurse, and Teacher in this blog and getting to know her better. Do not omit a line.

Brief Biography of That Vegan Teacher

You’ve probably heard of That Vegan Teacher unless you’ve been living under a rock. But who exactly is she? And why does she continue to go viral on TikTok?

Alternatively known as Kadie Karen Diekmeyer, aka That Vegan Teacher, is a vegan advocate and elementary school teacher.

She was a licensed practical nurse but left her nursing position to become an elementary school teacher.

Kadie worked as an ESL teacher in French Canadian schools after graduating from Concordia University.

When COVID-19 struck, The Vegan Teacher left the job once more. A friend introduced her to TikTok.

As a result, she joined the platform and began producing vegan content.

She shares educational videos about activism and veganism on social media, where she receives millions of likes.

Furthermore, she promotes veganism through songs on a regular basis and has a Spotify playlist of her original creations.

Before she was banned from TikTok, that Vegan Teacher had amassed a whopping 1.6 million followers.

Her approach to “educating” followers on the importance and nutritional value of being vegan, on the other hand, has been called into question.

Though That Vegan Teacher occasionally uses songs to convey her message, her songs are riddled with profanity.

She has also accused meat-eaters of promoting “murder.”

Rumors spread on the internet in January 2021, claiming That Vegan Teacher was going to jail. Is this true?

That Vegan Teacher’s Viral TikTok Video

That Vegan Teacher recently gained international attention after urging celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay to go vegan.

In the video, Diekmeyer sings a song to the celebrity, telling him that “hurting animals is wrong.”

“And if you call me a donut, that’s fine, as long as you’re vegan from now on,” she adds.

Ramsay responded by posting a video of himself nodding along to the song while eating lettuce.

He referred to her as a’vegan donut,’ and at the end of the video, he bit into a burger.

The caption read, ‘Beef burgers were consumed while making this TikTok.’

Ramsay later posted the video on Instagram, saying, “It’s an honor a song was written about me….and now back to my beef burger.”

The YouTuber had also repeatedly criticized McDonald’s and public figures such as MrBeast.

Some people are opposed to her method of expressing her opinions and they have chastised her for being insensitive, overly aggressive, and divisive.

As a result, over 20,000 people signed a petition asking TikTok to delete her account.

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Is That Vegan Teacher Going to Jail?

A rumor circulated that That Vegan Teacher had been arrested.

According to a YouTube video, the rumor began after That Vegan Teacher appeared to mock a commenter who claimed their friend died after going vegan.

“Wait a minute, is That Vegan Teacher really in jail?” one person inquired.

“So I saw on TikTok that the vegan teacher is ALLEGEDLY going to jail because it’s illegal in Canada to call yourself a teacher if you’re not one,” another user tweeted.

So, is she going or is she in jail?”

“I got great news, the vegan teacher who forced people to be vegan, said that people who eat meat should go to hell.

Also said false information like ‘God is vegan, Veganism is a religion and scared kids’ is going to be arrested.

I bet she going to eat meat in jail,” another added.

That Vegan Teacher denied being arrested or in jail on January 21.

“Evidently, I’ve been arrested… Evidently, I’m in jail… There’s an article about me in the Daily Mail, apparently ”

In the video, Vegan Teacher sings. She also advised everyone to “stop freaking out” and “remain calm,” and suggested that fans watch her free documentary, Dominion.

FAQs on That Vegan Teacher

1. Is That Vegan Teacher Married?

 Kadie is married, but her husband is unknown. She once uploaded a video of him and their pet, Bella, to her YouTube channel.

2. Where does She Live?

She lives with her husband and dog in Lasalle, Quebec, Canada.

3. Who is That Vegan Teacher?

That Vegan Teacher is a well-known animal activist and social media personality from Canada.
However, TikTok recently suspended her account for violating the platform’s community guidelines.

4. Why is She Banned?

The ban was imposed after several users complained that her content is aggressive and offensive to some people, particularly members of the LGBTQ community and people of color.

More FAQs

5. Does She have Children?

She has not stated whether she has children. However, on the internet, someone has been posing as That Vegan Teacher’s son.
There is no accurate or reliable information available about the problem.

6. Is She Actually a Teacher?

That Vegan Teacher previously worked as an elementary school teacher and a nurse. She has a large following on various social media platforms due to her informative vegan content.

7. What is her Zodiac Sign?

Her Zodiac sign is Libra.

8. Is She Bisexual?

Kadie has stated that she is bisexual, but many people on the internet believe she is only trying to justify her homophobic actions.

9. Is She Anti-Religious?

Kadie made a video attacking the majority of religious people in early 2021. She titled the video “Change your religion”.

10. Does She have a Dog?

She has a vegan dog named Bella who she feeds a vegan diet to.

Despite That Vegan Teacher’s popularity, some of her content has sparked a debate on the internet.
The majority of the criticism stems from Diekmeyer’s comparison of animal agriculture to the Holocaust, as well as her use of phrases like “meat is murder.”
In a variety of videos, duets, and sounds, Vegan Teacher has violated multiple community guidelines.
As a result, the petition against her received over 20,000 signatures.

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