Who Is Cassidy Ludwig? Everything To Know About The Dancer And Youtuber
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Who Is Cassidy Ludwig? Everything To Know About The Dancer And Youtuber

– Cassidy Ludwig –

Cassidy Ludwig is an Irish young dancer whose biography has yet to appear on Wikipedia. Continue reading to learn more about her professional and personal background.

Cassidy Lugwig is an Irish dancer and YouTuber.

Furthermore, the dancer rose to prominence after finishing third in the All Scotland Championships.

It’s no surprise that Ludwig won first place at the recent US National Irish Dance Championships in Phoenix, Arizona, given how amazing she looks when practicing.

Cassidy Ludwig Age And Wikipedia

Cassidy Ludwig’s Instagram bio states that she is 19 years old. She has yet to publish on the Wikipedia page.

Despite the fact that she was born in Ireland, her exact birth date is currently unknown.

Cassidy is a gifted dancer who began dancing at a young age. Ludwig studies at the Millenium Academy of Irish Dance & Music in Ohio, USA.

The Irish dancing school achieved great success at a recent national competition attended by competitors from the United States and Mexico.

Fusion Fighter, a YouTube channel, posted a practice video of Cassidy in which they claimed she couldn’t be a human due to her dancing, and the video has over 25 million views.

Cassidy Ludwig Career, Awards, and Achievements

Cassidy is a YouTuber and Irish dancer best known for her eponymous channel.

Her YouTube channel features blogs, comedy sketches, and choreography videos. Cassidy’s love of dance began at a young age.

She used to participate in her school’s program.

Cassidy began to maintain her dance in high school, and she quickly decided to pursue a career in the same field and began focusing on her dance.

Her family is also overly supportive of her. Cassidy became so good at it that she began studying dance in high school.

Cassidy Ludwig Boyfriend And Net Worth

Cassy Ludwig is currently in a relationship with Ronan O’Connell.

Unlike Cassidy, Ronan is a dancer who has received numerous awards for his performance in the competition.

The couple has been dating for over three years, starting on April 10, 2018.

Similarly, the couple follows each other on social media and frequently shares photos on their accounts.

In terms of her net worth, Cassidy has not disclosed her earnings or net worth in public, nor have any official sources claimed her net worth.

Nonetheless, according to Salary Expert, the average earnings of an Irish dancer are €44,589.

As a result, we can assume that Lugwig made a good living through dancing and various sponsorships.

Meet Cassidy Ludwig Parents On Instagram

Cassidy Ludwig was born in Ireland to Irish parents. Her parents are both from Ireland.

Similarly, the dancer has only posted a photo of herself with her father on Instagram. Cassidy has not revealed any information about her parents other than a photo.

Her parents, on the other hand, are extremely proud of their daughter for pursuing a career as a dancer.

Meanwhile, her parents remain unknown, so follow Cassidy on Instagram at @ludwigcassidy to keep up with her personal life.

The dancer currently has over 9,700 followers on Instagram and has shared a total of 17 posts.

Aside from that, you can visit her official YouTube channel, where she posts her dance videos under the username @Cassidy L.

Cassidy Ludwig YouTube

Cassidy, in addition to focusing on her dance career, started a YouTube channel on December 18, 2014, and began her YouTube journey by uploading several videos.

She has a large number of videos on her YouTube channel.

Her debut video, titled “Cassidy Ludwig Jig,” was well received by her fans, and the video has received millions of views and a large number of subscribers as a result of the post.

Cassidy Ludwig Family / Siblings / Parents 

Cassidy was born on December 19, 1996, into an Irish family. She is the third child in a family of four.

She developed alongside her siblings. Cassidy Louise, her sister, is also a dancer.

Cassidy had a younger brother with whom she used to play, but her younger brother died right in front of her eyes.

She also has an older brother, Connor. Cassidy made the wise decision to separate herself from her siblings when she discovered they were in debt.

Her brother had abandoned two children who wanted nothing to do with them after realizing they had been raised in poverty for the majority of their lives.

Cassidy did not respond positively and has since avoided contact with her siblings.



1. Who is Cassidy Ludwig?

Cassidy Ludwig is a very famous dancer in Ireland. She has accumulated millions of followers on her Instagram account and likewise, Cassidy has gathered millions of subscribers on her self-owned and self-titled Youtube channel.

2. Is Cassidy married?

She is not married but in a relationship with a musician, actor, and the founder of Black Spring Records Ronan O’Connell.

3. How old is Cassidy Ludwig?

Cassidy Ludwig is 26 years old ( as of 2022).

4. When is the Birthday of Cassidy?

Cassidy Ludwig’s birthday is on 19 December 1996.

5. What is the Zodiac Sign of Cassidy Ludwig?

The Zodiac Sign of Cassidy Ludwig is Sagittarius.

6. How tall is Cassidy Ludwig?

Cassidy Ludwig is 5 feet 6 inches tall.

7. Where is Cassidy from?

Cassidy Ludwig is from Ireland.

8. How much is the net worth of Cassidy?

Cassidy Ludwig’s net worth is approx $ 1.25 million USD.


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