A Yummy and Edible List of Vegetable Puns 2021 Update

A Yummy and Edible List of Vegetable Puns 2021 Update.

Are you in the market for a funny vegetable pun? You can’t “beet” the collection of clever veggie puns and jokes below.

Be it root veggies or leafy greens, there might be a time when you’re in need of a corny vegetable puns. It could be for a text message, an Instagram caption, a pick-up line, or just when you need a laugh.

To get you started on your vegetable jokes, “peas” check out the collection below.

Vegetable Puns Collections

Is there a turnip ahead?

Turnip down for what?

Time to turnip the page


Don’t be such a dead beet

You make my heart beet

Just beet it

Let’s get down to this sick beet


Haha, you kale me

Kale me baby?

Don’t kale my vibe

Oh, kale yeah

Kale-fornia love


I hope for world peas

Peas be mine

I need some peas and quiet


Hungry? Let me brussel up some dinner

Every day I’m brusselin’

Brussel and Heart will set you apart


Everybody romaine calm

Lettuce pray

This foundation is rock salad

Lettuce be thankful

Lettuce Romaine Friends


You look radish-ing

You are so rad-dish

He ra-dishes it out but he can’t take it


What did mother potato say to her teenage daughter?

Don’t roll your eyes at me!

I’ll stop gardening when kale freezes over

What did the last tomato on the vine say when all his friends got picked?

I’ll ketchup with you guys later!


What’s a grammar teacher’s favorite herb?


What’s the reddest vegetable you can get?

Beets me!


vegetable puns

Bring me a legume, and make it snap pea!


How did the broccoli feel about being served for dinner?

It was steamed!


Why did the tomato turn red?

Because he saw the salad dressing!


What did the bok choy say when it was harvested?

I’ll be bok!


What do you call veggies that have been arrested by the police?

Collared greens!

How do you mend a broken tomato?

With tomato paste!


How do you fix a broken head of cabbage?

With a cabbage patch!


What’s the best vegetable to feed to a captive animal?



You look absolutely radishing.


Did you hear about the guy who got arrested for vegetable theft?

He took a leek in the garden!

How did the fungus find a place to grow?

Oh, it doesn’t need mushroom!


Is a jalapeño hot?

No, it’s actually a little chili!


Did you hear about the little bean who looked just like his dad?

Like fava, like son!


A good gardener doesn’t miss a beet.

Where do all the veggies go to get their drink on?

The salad bar!


What do you get from eating iceberg lettuce and snow peas?

Your recommended daily amount of fi-brr!


Excuse me, where can I find the caesar salads?

In the caesarian section!

Who’s in charge of salads around here, anyway?

That would be the head of lettuce!


You be my sweet potato, and I’ll be your spud muffin.


What kind of vegetable can you grow in your basement?


I love you from my head tomatoes.


Could you help me find my missing root vegetables?

Sorry, but I don’t carrot all about that. I’m sure they’ll turnip somewhere.


A mushroom might be a fungi, but he’s not as cool as a cucumber.


What did the weirdo say after he was caught creeping around in someone’s garden?

I’ve bean stalking you!


vegetable puns

What type of vegetables have trouble speaking up for themselves?

Hoarse radishes!


Are you growing sweet potatoes this year?

Yes, I yam!

You say you make a great caesar salad, but that romaines to be seen.


Why is it easy to make puns about onions?

Because they’re so pun-gent!



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