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Apex Legends 2.03 Update Patch Notes: Vantage Changes

On August 22, Respawn Entertainment released a minor Apex Legends update that addressed several key gameplay issues while also tweaking Vantage just days after her arrival.

Respawn has already released a follow-up patch following the release of Apex Legends Season 14. 

While the former introduced new content and, of course, a new Legend in Vantage, the latter is more of a minor update aimed at resolving a few minor issues.

Vantage Changes

Vantage has quickly risen through the ranks to become the most-chosen Legend, surpassing the likes of Wraith and Octane, and has been dominant in the early stages of Season 14. 

As a result, two minor changes were made in the August 22 update to bring her down a notch.

Although this is a minor patch, there are a few important changes to be aware of. 

So, before you return, review everything you need to know about the August 22 Apex Legends update.


The two Vantage changes are arguably the most significant in the August 22 update.

Only a few weeks after her debut in the Season 14 patch, the character has already seen rapid fixes.

Furthermore, a peculiar interaction with KO Shields and her tactical (double) jump has been corrected. 

First, weapon upgrades in Arenas should become more consistent in the future. 

Finally, the Seer Heartthrob and Rampart Wastelander skins will no longer cause your game to crash when you collect a banner.

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