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YouTuber Jschlatt Changes “Blackface” Thumbnail After Racism Accusations

Jschlatt is a well-known YouTuber who is best known for his comedic gaming content and interactions with other content creators.

Jschlatt changed the thumbnail for his most recent video after receiving widespread criticism for the image, which many viewers deemed racist.

The picture was changed to a crude drawing of a black human face with the word BLACKFACE.

Viewers dragged Jschlatt because of the racist caricature that made light of a serious issue of inequality.


The YouTuber’s most recent upload of this Jackbox title has drawn harsh criticism.

Jschlatt did not draw the caricature during the video; rather, it was Swaggersouls, a fellow ‘faceless’.

He came up with the topic during a portion of the video in response to a prompt that read, “I’m always craving saying slurs.” 

This didn’t stop Jschlatt from receiving backlash for using the image in his thumbnail.

However, it prompted him to change the original image to something far less offensive than the Twitter logo, with the words “Dumb Bird” overlaid on top.

About Jschlatt

The 21-year-old American creator, who has not revealed his real name online, currently has 2.75 million YouTube subscribers and 2.2 million Twitter followers.

People know him for playing and streaming video games like Minecraft, and Jackbox Party Pack with other YouTubers and Twitch streamers.

Twitch streamers like Dream and CallMeCarson, though Schlatt stated earlier this year that he cut ties with CallMeCarson, whose real name is Carson King, after King was accused of sexual misconduct.


People were not happy about what Jschlatt did. People said the thumbnail change is Passive Aggressive, Buh Jschlatt has not said anything about this.

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