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Actress Natasha Ward says Being Pretty can be a Problem

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This article is about Natasha Ward, an actress with a diverse background. She was a Division I track athlete at the University of California, where she simultaneously majored in political science and received a scholarship. Continue reading to find out more.

Natasha Ward

She’s a model, singer, and now actor. Ward is now starring as Ellie on Tyler Perry’s BET drama The Oval, which was renewed for a second season in April.

Her character is a young woman navigating the pitfalls of the show’s fictional White House as she finds her way into the world of politics.

“How can she honor who she truly is while simultaneously making moral decisions about which path she will take to get there?” she asked.

“That’s a conundrum that many young ladies face, especially young women who are considered beautiful by our society’s standards.”

Whether in politics, the entertainment sector, or our culture as a whole. It’s a difficult environment for women to traverse, and I believe it’s underappreciated.”

Ward spoke with The Undefeated about the relevance of her character, working with Tyler Perry as a young actress, and how sports has affected her life.

The Oval is a show about a family who is placed in the White House, as well as the personal lives and daily lives of the personnel who run the inner workings.

This season, your character Ellie is crucial. What was it like to bring Ellie to the big screen?

There are layers to her that I recognize as a young woman not only in this world but in this industry. She is aware of who she is in terms of intelligence, street smarts, and what she contributes to the table.

But she’s also aware that the packaging she arrives in might be both a blessing and a curse for her. In that way, Ellie is incredibly relatable.

In that way, Ellie is incredibly relatable. And seeing her narrative evolve will be an eye-opening experience from which many young ladies and even men can benefit.

Tyler Perry’s primary motion picture studio is one of the country’s largest production facilities. He’s giving Black and brown actors a lot more possibilities. What does it mean to be a fresh actor working with him?

His assurance that he would have more faith in me than I did in myself was extremely affirming for me as an actor.

There are numerous events taking place across the country. We are all living in the midst of an epidemic. Then there are the demonstrators in various cities who are speaking out against police violence.

And you have a platform that is growing every day. How do you deal with this historical moment?

I am very interested in politics, justice, and using my voice to speak out. Some buddies and I formed our own organization called Legacy Now.

We decided to hold a gathering at Pan Pacific Park, the site of the first clashes between demonstrators and police in Los Angeles and Hollywood.

On Juneteenth, we wanted to commemorate the legacy of our culture. It evolved into this absolutely beautiful rally. I really wanted to bring our attention back to the idea that our legacy is not one of tyranny.

It is a section of our story, but it is not the complete story. And our legacy is not what we will leave behind; it is what we are living now.

That allows me to conduct the task from a place of self-esteem rather than trying to convince someone else to recognize my worth.

Your main events as a full-time track athlete at the University of California Irvine were the long and triple jumps, but you also did the 100-meter and 4100-meter relays.

Did your participation in competitive sports influence your acting career?

Without my athletic career and experiences, I would not be where I am now.

I believe that every child, regardless of ability, should participate in sports because of the intangible lessons learned about mental toughness, teamwork, self-motivation, and pushing past physical limitations.

And how our thinking influences so much of what we achieve in life. ‘A man is as he thinks.’ So, without a question, I am a major sports fan. Because I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for it.

It was a heartbreaking and easily recognizable moment for me.

In the midst of all the media coverage of the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, this week, I came across this video of local Federico Torres speaking in Spanish to a news reporter.

It was about his difficulty in receiving information regarding his son’s location.

Even in places like Uvalde, a primarily Latino town about 60 miles from the US border, language challenges are exacerbated during times of crisis, when Black and brown people are disproportionately impacted.

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FAQs on Natasha Ward

1. Who is Natasha Ward?

Tash Ward is the youngest of three children born to Debbie and David Ward, with elder siblings Tristan and Dominique Ward.

2. What is Natasha Ward up to these days?

She’s a model, singer, and now actor. Ward is now starring as Ellie on Tyler Perry’s BET drama The Oval, which was renewed for a second season in April.

3. Who is Natasha Ward GREY’s anatomy?

Natasha Ward portrayed Deja Duval in Station 19’s fifth season.

4. Who is Ellie from the Oval?

Ellie is a White House assistant who gets invited to the oval office for a meeting with the president.

Natasha Ward, who plays Ellie, is an exceptionally accomplished actress.

5. What is the Name of The Oval’s Daughter?

Paige Hurd, who plays the rambunctious first daughter Gayle on The Oval, has a long and strong resume, and she has a renowned godfather.

6. Who plays the mother of the first lady on The Oval?

Actress Kron Moore

7. Is The Oval coming back for Season 3?

According to the network, The Oval, a BET television series, was officially renewed for a third season on February 23, 2021.

8. Is Paige Hurd still a Part of The Oval?

Paige Audrey Marie Hurd (born July 20, 1992) is an actress from the United States.

9. Who plays Vince on The Oval?

Tasos Hernandez

10. Is there a Link Between GREY’s Anatomy and Station 19?
Multiple crossover events have occurred between Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19, allowing characters to appear in both programs for a plot or cameo appearance.
Natasha Ward is having the time of her life and is financially secure. There is no information about her romantic life. She is, nevertheless, focused on her profession and aspires to be a well-established and financially secure woman.
Let us know what you think about her in the comments section.

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