The 11 First Things a Girl Looks for in a Guy Before Falling for Him 

The 11 First Things a Girl Looks for in a Guy Before Falling for Him.

It’s known that know man is perfect, but there’s always that man that suits a woman perfectly. But what are the first things girls look for in a guy? Guys, do not be clueless. If you are a guy looking for a woman, here are of some of the things she will look for when trying to find a good man. 

11 First Things a Girl Looks for in a Guy Before Falling for Him

First Things a Girl Looks for in a Guy 

  • Have good grooming: 

Dress well and look good no matter where you are. You never know when you’d bump into the woman of your dreams. It’s a simple tip, but something almost all guys never focus on. Groom yourself well with quality man products and complex perfumes that smells great on you. 

  • Be assertive in your behavior: 

Women love a man who’s not fickle minded. Have an ego and believe in yourself and your decisions. As hard as this may seem, be the man who can put someone else in place when they overstep the line or misbehave with you. 

  • Have a charming personality: 

A charming personality is everything, but yet it’s not something most men have. In fact, meeting a man who knows to charm a girl is a hard task for any woman. Improve your body language around women and learn your manners around them.  

  • Have a good physique: 

Go build those biceps and those deltoids in your shoulders. When you work out, you look healthier and radiant, and clothes look oh-so-sexy on you. If you want to attract a girl at first sight, you have to remember that appearances do matter. A lot. 

  • Have a good sense of humor: 

It takes less than a minute for a girl to know if a guy has a good sense of humor while having a conversation with him. And that’s all you need to impress a girl. All girls know that a guy with a great sense of humor can be a lot of fun over dates or phone calls. Have a light hearted and fun approach towards life and try to look at the bright side all the time.  

  • Have a good job and a nice salary: 

Well, now we’re getting shallow. But it’s better to face the truth than pretend like money doesn’t matter. Of course, it does! You like a sexy woman over an unattractive woman. Women like a rich guy over a church mouse. Be rich and drive a great car and you’ll have a huge advantage already. Just a word though, it’s just an advantage, but it’s not enough. 

  • Be a confident man: 

Confidence is a great trait to have for any man. It’s an inner strength that’s seen and envied by anyone you meet. A confident man is more attractive to women because he believes in himself and his abilities, and he doesn’t tuck tail and run when he knows he’s right. 

  • Be a good conversationalist: 

Just like a good sense of humor, knowing how to speak to a woman is a trait that all women look for in a man. Be pleasant, speak smoothly in a low tone and show genuine interest in the woman while speaking to her. Create conversations around her and make her have a nice time with you.  

  • Have a respectful behavior: 

Be respectful towards others when they deserve your respect. All good-natured women like a well-mannered and kind man who doesn’t treat others badly just because he can. Treat everyone with respect and you’ll be treated with respect. Women see kind men as good fathers, and it’s a trait that women instinctively like.  

  • Make her feel comfortable in her skin: 

Women like a man who makes them feel at ease within the first few minutes of a conversation. Be the guy who can take away the air of nervousness in a first conversation while talking to a woman and she’ll like you for it. Indulge in a pleasant conversation and ensure that she feels involved and excited to talk to you.  

  • Have a compatible personality: 

Here’s a factor that you have to accept when it comes to understanding what women look for in a man. You may be a great guy, but at times both of you may just be way too incompatible for each other. She may like you, but she may not be willing to date you for her own reasons of compatibility. 

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