Classic and Elegant Girl Names that are Quite Catchy and Thrilling

Classic and Elegant Girl Names that are Quite Catchy and Thrilling.

Elegant Girl Names: Though we might feel it is better to just drop a short, smart name for your girl child for ease of pronunciation. You can’t really take away the class that comes with elegant girl names.

Classic and Elegant Girl Names that are Quite catchy and Thrilling

Conversely, there is a certain sense of uniqueness that comes with elegant girl names. The alternative names may wither be too simple or just too common. Significantly, the importance of choosing special, peculiar and equally pleasing names for girl child cannot be ignored. You know how the females pay attention to these things.

Therefore, So you wouldn’t want to disappoint your girl child by giving her any random name.  Take your time to go through these carefully selected elegant girl names and make a suitable choice.

A Master List of Elegant Girl Names

A Master List of Elegant Girl Names

1. Adelaide – Meaning “noble-natured,” this is a strong choice.

2. Adele – This name literally means “nobility,” and can also be a nod to the songstress.

3. Adira – The simple yet one of the fancy names name Adira means “Strong, noble or powerful” in Hebrew.

4. Alexandra – The feminine form of Alexander.

5. Alexandria – Not only does it sound beautiful, but it has a strong meaning: “Defender of mankind.”

6. Amelia – A variant of Amalia, this is perfect for fans of The Princess Diaries.

7. Anastasia – This name has an air of mystery thanks to Anastasia of Russia.

8. Annabelle – A beautiful combination of Anna (grace) and Belle (beauty).

9. Angelina – The name is derived from Angela meaning “angel” or “messenger of God” and has origins in Greek, Latin, English, Spanish, Polish, Russian and Dutch.

10. Arabella – This is a trendy yet elegant name with Latin origin, meaning “prayerful” or “yielding to prayer” or “answered prayers”. Anabella is a variation of Arabella.

11. Aria – Meaning “treasure” or “gold” in the Albanian language.

12. Arianna – The beautiful name with both Italian and Greek origins means “very or most holy”. The name has a variation in Ariadne, Arianna, Ariana, Aryanna, and Aryana.

13. Ariel – For your aquatic princess-to-be!

14. Audrey – Nobody was quite as sophisticated as Audrey Hepburn.

15. Augusta – An elegant name with Roman origins. The name is a feminization of the Roman name Augustus which means “magnificent”.

16. Aurelia – Originally Latin, meaning ‘the golden one’

17. Aurora – Perfectly fitting for your future Sleeping Beauty.

18. Beatrice – The Italian variant on Beatrix, which means “bringer of joy.”

19. Brigitte – Just like the french beauty Brigitte Bardot.

Blythe – This one is a rare name that means “spirited”. The uncommon yet stylish name is considered highly sophisticated.

20. Cassandra – Derived from the Greek word meaning “helper of man.”

21. Camilla – This is one of the popular names in English and is the feminine form of Camilius. In Latin it means “Servant of the temple” and denotes a free-born and noble person.

22. Caroline – The name Caroline is one of the fashionable names with understated elegance. The name with French origin means “free man”.

23. Catherine – An obvious choice for fans of the royal family, specifically Kate Middleton.

24. Cecilia – The female version of Cecil, which means “blind to one’s own beauty.”

25. Charlotte – A perfectly regal choice for your little girl.

26. Christabel – This beautiful name is the combination of Latin name Christine with French name Belle and means “beautiful follower of Christ”.

Elegant Indian girl

27. Claire – The feminine version of the Latin name Clarus.

28. Clara – A perfect choice for lovers of The Nutcracker.

29. Constance – Another interesting girl name which means “steadfast”.

30. Diana – This one of the timeless names is associated with the beautiful and brave Roman Goddess of the moon and hunt. The lovely name means “divine”.

31.Daniella – The slightly more feminine version of Danielle.

32. Delilah – This Hebrew name meaning ‘delicate” is perfect for your new arrival.

33. Edith – Another Old English word meaning ‘blessed’

34. Eleanor – Meaning “shining light,” this old French name can be easily abbreviated to Elle or Ellie.

35. Elizabeth – This one of the timeless names is derived from Hebrew name of Elisheva and means “My God is abundance” or “My God is an oath”.

36. Elle Simplicity meets elegance in this ultra-feminine name. The name is derived from French pronoun which means “she”.

37. Eloise – This name may sound delicate, but it actually means “famous warrior.”

38. Emilia – Meaning “to emulate,” this is a more elegant version of Emily.

39. Estelle – This Latin name means “star.”

40. Eudora – This beautiful name has origins in Greek Mythology and means “generous gift”.

41. Evangeline – Perfect for the new center of your world, this moniker means “good news.”

42. Evelyn – A name that means ‘wished-for child’

43. Felicity – A Latin name originally, which means ‘happiness’

44. Fiona – Just like the princess in Shrek, minus the ogre curse.

45. Florence – Derived from the Latin for flourishing or blossoming

46. Francesca – Widely associated with romance, you can’t go wrong with this choice.

47. Gabrielle – What’s more chic than Chanel? Gabrielle is Coco Chanel’s real first name.

48. Genevieve – Meaning “woman of the race,” this name has Celtic origins.

49. Giselle – Though this is derived from the Germanic word “gisil,” this moniker has origins in France.

50. Giovanna – The feminine counterpart to Giovanni, which is the Italian form of John.

Elegant Girls in Asia

51. Gwyneth – She’ll be in good company with Gwyneth Paltrow.

52. Gwendolyn – Easily shorten this Welsh name to Gwen.

53. Grace – A name which signifies virtue, meaning “blessing.”

54. Helena – Helena is a refined feminine name meaning “bright, shining light”. The name with Greek origins is a stylish and refined variation of Helen.

55. Honora – Honora is a girl’s name with Latin origin meaning “woman of Honor”. This Italian name is considered very elegant and posh.

56. Iris – Meaning ‘rainbow’ in Greek, and messenger of the gods. A colourful, charming baby name choice

57. Isabella – Try this French take on Elizabeth for some added panache.


58. Isadora – This melodious Greek origin name means “ gift of Isis”. The name has unique variations in Isodora and Iseadora.

59. Isla – This popular Spanish name has Scottish origins and it means “island”. The gorgeous name is considered very fashionable and feminine.

60. Jacqueline – Is there someone who evoked elegance like Jacqueline Kennedy?

61. Jolie – This French name, meaning “beauty,” has been popular since long before Angelina Jolie came on the scene.

62. Juliana – The Latin originated name means “youthful” and “soft-haired” and is the feminine version of Julian and Julius. Giuliana, Julianne or Julia is variations of the name.

63. Juliette – An alternate spelling of the name made popular thanks to Romeo & Juliet.

64. Katherine – Though there are many alternative spellings, this is a classic.

65. Larissa – A nymph in Greek mythology, also meaning ‘joyful’

66. Laurel – The Eglish name means “sweet bay tree” or a flowering tree. The name symbolises honour and victory.

67. Lauren – This name may seem simple, but is forever associated with elegance thanks to Ralph Lauren.

68. Lorelei – An alluring name with German origins, this means an “alluring enchantress”. The name with romantic and graceful charm is considered very sophisticated.

69. Lillian – A beautiful way to honor the beautiful lily flower.

70. Lucinda – A variation of Lucy meaning “light.”

71. Lydia – This beautiful name with Greek origins was earlier the name of now Turkey. Lydia means a “kindred spirit” or a “Kind spirit”.

72. Marguerite – This fancy and elegant name has a popular variant Margaret. The sophisticated French name means a “pearl”. The name has been made popular by many royalties, literary characters and saints.

73. Madeline – The perfect choice for fans of the series Madeline, one of the most beloved books for young readers.

74. Megan – Of Welsh origin, meaning ‘pearl’. Meghan is an alternative spelling

75. Melisande – This graceful name origin in both French and German means “strength”. The name emanates romance with old-world charm and is a classy variant of the name Melissa.

76. Miranda – The elegant name was made famous by Shakespeare in The Tempest, as the name of the leading lady. The name means “marvellous”.

77. Natalia – A sneaky way to honor your love of Christmas.

78. Naomi – This beautiful name means “pleasant” in Hebrew. The name with sophistication sound has been made famous by Noami Campbell and Noami Watts.

79. Nicolette – This French name means “victory” and is considered a very cool name.

80. Odessa – This name which originates from a Ukrainian port city is an elegant sounding girl’s name. The name is inspired from the famous work The Odyssey of Homer.

81. Olivia – Looking for something inspired by nature? Olivia is the feminine version of Olive, a tree which traditionally symbolizes peace.

82. Ophelia – Best known as the female character in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

83. Penelope – Head to mythology for the first uses of this name.

84. Portia – This pretty name means “gateway” in Latin. It has been a favourite for many famous writers in their works from Shakespeare to Hunger games.

85. Quentin – Quentin, meaning ‘fifth’, would make an ideal pick for the fifth born in your family.

86. Quincy – This fabulous name is rare, but will suit your son well. Quincy means ‘estate of the fifth son’.

87. Rebecca – A variant of the Biblical name Rebekah, this name means “to mind.”

88. Rosalind – The name which literally means a “beautiful rose” is sweet and pretty with a poetic vibe. Its common variation Rose, is a classic feminine name apt for females who are soft and elegant.

89. Rose – Sweet like the flower.

90. Sarah – This elegant name is highly popular and literally means “princess”. This Hebrew name was the name of the wife of Abraham in Bible.

91. Scarlett – The name which gained popularity due to Scarlett O’Hara is derived from an English surname. The name with occupational meaning of “a person who sold Cloth of Scarlet” also means or referred to “red” colour.

92. Seraphina – An angel of the highest order, this name has Italian origins.

Really Elegant Girl Names

93. Sophia – A name that has always been, and likely will always be a popular choice for little girls.

94. Stephanie – From the Greek for ‘crown’

95. Tatiana – This name has Russian origins meaning fairy queen, perfect for your princess-to-be!

96. Thalia – Meaning ‘to blossom’ or ‘to flourish’.

97. Theodora – This name for a baby girl means ‘gift of god’.

98. Valentina – A feminine form of the Roman name Valentinus, meaning “healthy, strong.”

99. Venetia – Looking to honor your Italian roots? Though it has Latin origins, Venetia means “woman of Venice.”

100. Veronica – The classy name is a name from Bible and is the name of the patron saint of photography. The highly popular name is usually associated with rich class.

101. Victoria – Evoke a sense of royalty with this name, which translates to “victory.” Perfect for this obsessed with the Victorian era.

102. Viola – If you’re looking for a play on the color purple (violet), this is it.

103. Violetta – Another name honoring the regal shade of purple.

104. Vivienne – Meaning alive, this name has French origins.

105. Willa – The short and sweet name feminized from William, means “protector”. Its other formal variation is Wilhelmina.

106. Xanthe – An unusual, elegant name meaning ‘golden’.

107. Xenia – Another quirky moniker meaning ‘welcome’ and ‘hospitable’.

108. Zara – Zara has origins in many languages. In Hebrew it means “seed” whereas in Arabic it mean “star” or “flower” and in Russian in means “princess”.

Surely, you won’t have an excuse if you don’t use an elegant girl name to christen your female child. We have supplied and array of options for you. Choose wisely!

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