Regal Swahili Names with Magnificence and Uniqueness

In the eastern and southern regions of Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, some parts of Malawi, Somalia, Zambia, Mozambique, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) make use of the Swahili language for communication. Here also, we see Swahili names in high usage and popularity. Swahili names have some peculiarity in terms of sound and meaning. They rarely follow a repeated or recurrent pattern.

Regal Swahili Names with Magnificence and Uniqueness

Swahili, also known by its native name Kiswahili, is a Bantu language and the native language of the Swahili people. From the language, many epic Swahili names have been generated which are used all over these regions. That is, Swahili is a lingua franca of the African Great Lakes region and other parts of East and Southern Africa.

However, Swahili names are inspired carry some very special features like the alphabet combinations and the sounds. Hence, they tend to be quite spectacular and unique. Parents intending to make their children’s names quite exceptional can move for Swahili names. In the sections to follow, you will see some great Swahili names that will amaze you.

Swahili Baby Boy Names with Meaning

Swahili Baby Boy Names with Meaning

One very peculiar trait of Swahili names is that they carry different messages for different people. consider these Swahili boy names and their wonderful meanings.

1. Abdalla: Abdalla is a modern name with a unique pronunciation. Abdalla means ‘servant of God’.

2. Abedi: Worshipper                         

3. Adili: Teaching your son to be fair is a good thing for life. Adili is a wonderful name which means ‘just’.

4. Ahmed: Ahmed happens to one of the names of Prophet Mohammed and is a very famous Swahili name for boys.

5. Akida: Chief, Officer; one who is determined and diplomatic                      

6. Amana: A warrior at heart who is faithful and loyal                          

7. Amaziah: The one who has the strength of God, is unusual and extraordinary                    

8. Asafa: One who is son of a chief and a Persian officer                    

9. Asanis: Rebel; a clear and modest person            

10. Ashura: Friend or the one who accompanies.                    

11. Athumani: The third Khalifa                        

12. Auni: African Swahili – Help; Assist           

13. Ayubu: Being patient is a quality every child should inherit and develop as a human being. Ayubu is a name with African origin and it refers to ‘patience and perseverance’.

14. Azaan: Emerging as a strong individual is the best thing your child.

15. Azizi: Beloved; Precious One; Treasure; Valuable                    

16. Badru: Full Moon; A variant of name Badr                           

17. Bahati: Bringing up children by emphazing them to be noble is great. So how about a name like Bahati which means ‘noble’ for your prince.

18. Bakari: If you are a parent who wishes all the success for your baby then Bakari might be a name you would want to consider. Bakari is a wonderful name with African roots. It means one who will succeed.

19. Balozi: If you are looking for a unique name with a wonderful meaning then the name Balozi is a right choice. The name Balozi is of Swahili origin and it means ‘ambassador’.

20. Baraka: Another interesting Swahili name from B is Baraka. This is a name with Arabic root and it refers to ‘blessings’.

21. Chachal: A strong man                 

22. Chandu: An octopus      

23. Chane: The one having a strong Oak-heart                          

24. Damu: Damu is a name that has become popular with Africans in recent years. Damu means blood.

25. Daudi: Your baby boy is the most loved one for you. Daudi is a beautiful name meaning ‘beloved’.

26. Djimon: One who has a strong blood; powerful person                 

27. Elewisa: An intelligent and mindful person                          

28. Faraji: A very common and loved Swahili name is Faraji. This is a boy’s name meaning ‘consolation’.

29. Haki: Haki is a sweet name from ‘H’ with a Swahili origin. The name Haki means ‘Truth’ and reminds your son to be truthful all his life.

30. Hami: Defender, Patron, Protector, Supporter, Show Favor, From Swahili                 

Swahili Boy

31. Hamidi: Hamidi is a masculine name with Arabic roots. The name Hamidi means ‘thankful or commendable’.

32. Hasani: Your adorable baby boy deserves a name like Hasani which means ‘Handsome’. Hasani is widely used by Africans, Swahilis, and Arabic.

33. Hashaan: Good-looking                                

34. Hassian: Handsome

35. Jabali: A man who is strong as a rock                      

36. Jabori: One who brings comfort to people                           

37. Jel: Refers to Strong and hard.  

38. Jelani: Let your son emerge to be strong and powerful to rule the world with a name like Jelani which means ‘great and powerful’.

39. Kamili: Kamili name means He is Perfecr, He has No Flaws           

40. Kenyada: The name means Gem                                             

41. Kenyatta: Kenyatta means Jewel                                              

42. Kito: A precious stone                   

43. Kobe: Kobe means Tortoise                       

44. Kondo: A warrior             

45. Mosi: The first born child                             

46. Mosiya: The child who born first to the parents


47. Radhi: Radhi is an interesting Swahili name for your adorable munchkin. The name Radhi means ‘forgiveness’.

48. Rafiki: Rafiki is a beautiful name with an Arabic origin. A friend is a companion for life and hence naming your boy with a name like Rafiki is a great option as it means ‘friend’.

49. Reth: The King, the Ruler             

50. Russom: One who is a leader, a head of the charge

51. Sadeeki: The name Sadeeki is a beautiful variation to the Swahili name Sadiki. Let your son learn to be loyal and truthful with a name like this which means ‘faithful’.

52. Sadiki: A cool yet unique Swahili name is Sadiki. Teaching your son to be true to oneself is one of the best lessons for life. Sadiki means ‘faithful or loyal’.

53. Sahel: The Sahel is an interesting name starting with the letter S. Sahel is a wonderful variation to the much common name Sahil from Hindi. Let your son lead from the front with a name like this which means ‘leader’.

54. Sefu: Sword                      

55. Shomari: One with a forceful personality             

56. Simba: To be like a lion                 

57. Tabari: A famous Historian          

58. Thimba: He who hunts lions       

59. Tumaini: Being hopeful about a positive life is a must and hence why not name your baby boy Tumaini which is a name with Swahili origin and it means ‘hope’.

60. Yazeed: You would certainly want your little one to get better every day. So, check out the name Yazeed which is a variation to the name Yazid which means ‘to become greater.

61. Yazid: One of the most loved names of Swahili origin is Yazid. This name also has Arabic roots and refers to ‘becoming greater’.

62. Zahoor: Zahoor is a variation of the name Zahur, it means ‘to blossom’. Zahoor is an adorable Swahili name.

63. Zahour: Another interesting name from ‘Z’ is Zahour. The name has its roots from Africa. It means ‘blossom’.

64. Zuberi: One who is strong.

65. Zubery: An interesting Swahili name with Arabic origin is Zubery. It means ‘powerful’.

Swahili Baby Girl Names with Meaning

Swahili Baby Girl Names with Meaning 

Looking for class and splendor? Check out these Swahili names for girls. they are simply gorgeous.

1. Adea: A kind gift from the God                                 

2. Adila: Showing your girl the path of honesty is a great way of upbringing. A name like Adila reminds your daughter to be true as it means ‘honesty’.

3. Afiya: Let your baby know the importance of good health for life with a name like Afiya which means health.

4. Ahadi: Promising, With much promise   

5. Aiysha: Powerful and complete                

6. Akina: Solidarity, bond, family bond                       

7. Amana: A warrior at heart who is faithful and loyal          

8. Amani: Amani is a rare name with a Kiswahili origin. It is a nice name for your princess which means ‘peace’.

9. Amira: Your baby girl is the princess of your home, then why not give her a name like Amira which means ‘Princess’,  to cherish all her life.

10. Amne: African – Swahili – Safe; Secure   

11. Atiena: Guardian of the night.   

12. Avana: Another interesting name to be considered for your little princess is the name Avana. It is a short and sweet name that has a variation to the Kiswahili name Ayanna meaning ‘pretty flower’.

13. Bahiya: For the pretty princess of your house, Bahiya is an apt name as it means beautiful and has Arabic roots.

14. Banou: Female; Lady; Princess  

15. Barika: Bloom, Be Successful                      

16. Binti: Daughter 

17. Chiku: The one talking a lot                         

18. Dalila: We know your baby is to be handled gently, so check out the name Dalila. Dalila is a wonderful name with a Tanzanian origin meaning ‘delicate’.

19. Hasina: Hasina is an excellent Swahili name from the letter H. Your little princess deserves a name like Hasina which means ‘good or beautiful’. (

20. Hasnaa: veru beautiful                 

21. Hediye: Gift       

22. Johari: Something of value,jewel,something precious which is adored                   

23. Kali: A unique yet adorable baby girl name is Kali. Kali is a name with Swahili origin and it means ‘Intense’.

24. Kamaria: The name means Bright like the Moon                               

25. Kamili: Your daughter may grow up to a person who does anything to perfection. So look at a name like Kamili with Swahili roots which refers to ‘perfect’.

26. Kanzi: A child is the most precious gift for every parent. The name Kanzi is a wonderful Swahili name which means treasure.

27. Kesi: Born at time of great trouble for father                      

28. Kichaka: Kichaka means The one Who Blushes                  

29. Lakeisha: Lakeisha means Joyful                                              

30. Lakicia: She who is a Favorite among people                       

31. Lulu: Lulu is a pretty name for your baby, it is a feminine name originating from Swahili. Lulu means pearl.

32. Manga: Manga is a unique name that makes your child stand apart. Manga means wanderer and is a name with Swahili origin.

33. Mila: Girls are an epitome of grace. So try a name like Mila for your baby girl which means ‘gracious’.

34. Mosi: The first born child                             

35. Mosiya: The child who born first to the parents                

36. Nalah: A lioness, furious as lioness                          

37. Nalla: A successful person, who achieved everything     

38. Nea: Radiant, Shimmering, Glossy, Glistening.                   

39. Nia: A cute name for your little princess is Nia. Nia refers to ‘with purpose’.

40. Niagh: An aim or a purpos

Beautiful Swahili Names

41. Nina: If you are searching for a short and sweet name starting with N then give a thought about the name Nina with Swahili roots that means ‘mother’.

42. Njeri: Njeri is a name which makes your daughter stand out of the crowd for its uniqueness. Njeri means ‘warrior’.

43. Nuru: Nuru is a wonderful Swahili name for your little girl. Nuru means the one who is born in daylight.

44. Nya: A friend, a companion        

45. Nyimbo: An Arabic word one who gives respect and honour others.       

46. Pacca: Another name of a pussycat; lovely person           

47. Penda: Admired; Loved; Beloved; A variant of Penha                   

48. Penda: You shower all the love for your little angel. Penda is a Swahili name meaning beloved. It is a stylish variation to the name Penha.

49. Rehema: Rehema is a lovely name starting with the letter R. Rehema means mercy or indulgence, it is an excellent name choice for your little one.

50. Russom: One who is a leader, a head of the charge         

51. Safiyah: How about a name like Safiyah for your munchkin. Safiyah is a name with Arabic roots which means ‘friend or pure’.

52. Sakina: Sakina is a wonderful feminine name meaning peace. This name is derived from the Arabic word Sakoon.

53. Shani: A wonderful woman        

54. Sikudhani: A pleasant surprise                  

55. Tabia: Polite behavior and talented        

56. Tambika: Religious offering        

57. Tish: A strong will or will-power

58. Tisha: Tisha is a cute and adorable name for your little one. Tisha is a name with African roots and it means innocent.

59. Tishala: One who has a strong will power                             

60. Tumaini: Its obvious that the birth of your little princess brings a new ray of hope into your life. So try naming her Tumaini which means ‘hope’.

61. Zahara: To shine, to bloom                         

62. Zalika: One who is well born.

63. Zuri: Zuri is a catchy Swahili name popular which originates from Africa. Your pretty princess deserves a name like Zuri as it refers to ‘beautiful’.

64. Zuwena: If you are looking for a unique Swahili name, then try the name Zuwena which means ‘good’.

In reality, Swahili language has very widespread influence and many other dialects have their roots in Swahili. You can as well give you child some Swahili history by assigning one of these noble Swahili names to him or her. From the foregoing, you have a wide range to choose from.

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