Great Wording to use for Cookie Exchange Invitations 2021 Update

Great Wording to use for Cookie Exchange Invitations 2021 Update.

Great Wording to use for Cookie Exchange Invitations: In fact, Christmas cookies are so awesome that they get their own party. A cookie exchange party is an occasion for friends to join forces and share their best recipes.

Each person focuses on baking one type of cookie to add to the pot and walks away from the party with a wide variety of goodies.

If you’re hosting a cookie swap, one of the first orders of business is to send out invitations. They don’t have to be formal paper invites, but they do have to convey important information about your gathering.

In case it isn’t obvious, this article is all about coming up with the perfect cookie exchange invitation wording – your first step to throwing a sweet party.

Cookie Exchange Invitations Tips

First and foremost, a cookie swap invitation should include all the key details about your get-together. If you’re unsure what those are, check out this article on writing party invitations. Here are a few wording ideas specific to a cookie-trading invite:

Send your invites early: Granted, we say this about just about every type of invitation. But in this case, it’s particularly apropos.

After all, this is the busy holiday season when people are rushing everywhere. Even if their social calendars aren’t already full, invitees might balk at the idea of baking dozens of cookies on short notice.

Explain the rules: Not everyone has been to a cookie exchange before, so make sure you let them know what they’re in for.

The main thing they need to know is how many cookies to bring (typically one-half to one dozen cookies for each other attendee).

You might also want to specify that the cookies should be homemade, lest anyone get the idea that they can just grab something from the cookie aisle at their local grocery store.

Find out who’s baking what: Ask people to tell you what they’re planning to bring (preferably with recipe) when they RSVP. The point of this is to make sure you don’t end up with multiples of the same type of cookie.

In fact, if you have space on the invitation, you could give people a heads up that they may be asked to switch recipes.



cookie exchange invitations

Just as forming cookies is easier with a cookie cutter, so is writing easier with examples and templates. Here are some cookie swap wording samples to work from.

Please Join Us For A

Christmas Cookie Exchange

Saturday, December 17 at 6 PM

The Johnson Home

1234 Gingerbread Lane, Everdale

Please bring 6 dozen cookies (and recipe) to share

RSVP with your recipe by December 10

123-4567 / missy@emailprovider

Bring four dozen of your favorite homemade cookies and join us for a

Holiday Cookie Swap

Did Someone Say Cookies?

Join Us For Our Annual (Because You Can’t Have Just One)

Christmas Cookie Swap

Combined Party

Join Us For A

Cookie Exchange & Ugly Sweater Contest

Bring 3 dozen made-from-scratch holiday cookies to share and wear your ugliest festive sweater

cookie exchange invitations

Simple Text Email

Happy Holidays Everyone!

This year I’m hosting a Christmas Cookie Exchange. Bring yourself and six dozen of your favorite cookies to share with friends. We’ll have food, drink, and of course, lots and lots of cookies!

cookie exchange invitations

Friday, December 16

2 PM

Amanda’s House

1234 Snickerdoodle Road, Rosedale

Reply to this email or call me at 123-4567 to RSVP by December 9. Please let me know what type of cookies you’re planning to bake, and be aware that you may be asked to switch recipes if we have duplicates. The idea is for everyone to come away with a variety of goodies!

Should be a deliciously good time!

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