Highly Significant Mongolian Names and Their Deep Meanings

Highly Significant Mongolian Names and Their Deep Meanings.

Mongolian Names: Mongolia stands on the fringes of the Asian continent and has made a mark for itself by its illustrious naming system. Mongolian names are composed with so much attention and care.

Prevalently, with the combination of nouns or adjectives to indicate certain qualities, Mongolian names involve a lot of details are mostly in a compound form.

Highly Significant Mongolian Names and Their Deep Meanings

Importantly, Mongolian names are epic. They always have a bearing on historical events and prominent happenings of previous years. Either to immortalize their exploits or celebrate their conquest in past years, Mongolian names always have a touch of symbolism about them.

Fortunately, if it is auspiciousness or authenticity you require in a name, you have found the right place to go in search, Mongolia. Interestingly, Mongolian names are rare and do not have regular forms as names from most places. Enjoy this list that Wordingvibes has put together for you.

Authentic Mongolian Names for Boys

Authentic Mongolian Names for Boys

1. Altan – Means ‘golden’ in Mongolian and ‘red dawn’ in Turkish. A variation of the name ‘Altin’.

2. Ankhbayar – A popular name for Mongolian baby boys, it means ‘first joy’.

3. Arban  – A common Mongol name, Arban means ‘a fluent man’.

4. Bataar/Baatar – This name is synonymous with ‘hero’ or ‘heroic figure’.

5. Batbayar – Deriving from Buddhist origin, Batbayar means ‘strong joy’.

6. Bat-Erdene – One of the most common names of Mongolian origin, Bat-Erdene means ‘Strong Jewel’ or ‘Strong Gem’.

7. Batjargal – Firm happiness

8. Batsaikhan – He who is strong and nice.

9. Batu – The name means ‘a loyal and firm individual’. It was the name of a 13th-century Mongol leader, Batu Khan.

10. Batuhan – Firm, hard or strong

11. Batukhan – A firm ruler

12. Batzorig – An ancient Mongolian name, this name means ‘courageous’.

13. Bilguun – A very common Mongol name, it means ‘intelligent of wisdom’.

14. Borjigin – Refers to a Blue-grey wolf who was an ancestor of Genghis Khan, according to the legend.

15. Chaghatai – It is a simple name meaning ‘baby’.

16. Chenghiz – Also known as ‘Chingis’, this name means ‘great and wise one’. It’s a variation of the name ‘Genghis’.

17. Chinua – A name primarily of Buddhist origin, it means ‘blessings from God’.

18. Choibalsan – It was the name of a 20th-century leader of Mongolia, Choibalsan Khorloogiin.

19. Chuluun – Stone, or he who is strong as stone.

20. Chuluunbaatar – This name means ‘Stone hero’, signifying strength and courage. ‘Chuluun’ means stone and ‘Baatar’ means ‘hero’.

21. Davaajav – ‘Davaajav’ is a Mongolian name of Tibetan-Buddhist origin. It means “Moon of Deliverance.” The translation of it is “Moon” (davaa) “Deliverance” (jav). It is a reference to the bodhisattva “Moon of Deliverance” described in the Flower Garland Sutra of the Mahayana School of Buddhism.

22. Dawa – Also known as Davaa, the name means ‘threshold’ or ‘mountain pass’.

23. Delger – Of Russian origin, the name means ‘prosperous’ and ‘abundant’.

24. Dzhambul – Of Turkish origin, the name translates to ‘fortress’, symbolising strength.

25. Elbeg/Elbek – The name means ‘plentiful’, ‘bountiful’ or ‘generous’ in Mongolian. It’s of Turkish origin.

26. Enkh-Amgalan – This name means ‘the calm and peaceful one’. ‘Enkh’ meaning calm and ‘Amgalan’ meaning peaceful.

27. Enkh-Baatar – The name reiterates the values held by Mongolians. It means ‘calm-hero’.

28. Erdene – A very common and traditional Mongol name, ‘Erdene’ means ‘jewel’ or ‘precious gem’.

29. Erkhemjamts – A name which signifies strength and persistence, ‘Erkhem’ means ‘important’ or ‘supreme’ and ‘jamts’ meaning ‘rock’.

30. Gan – Of Chinese origin, ‘Gan’ translates to ‘steel’ or ‘drought’ in Mongolian.

31. Ganbaatar – Steel hero

32. Gansukh – Steel axe

33. Gantulga – Steel hearth

34. Ganzaya – The name means ‘steel fate’. It is derived from ‘Gan’ meaning ‘steel’ and ‘zaya’ meaning ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’.

35. Ganzorig – The name means ‘brave steel’. It is a very common and traditional Mongol name, derived from the two names ‘Gan’, meaning ‘steel’ and ‘zorig’, meaning brave.

36. Garamgai – Meaning ‘prominent’ or ‘distinguished’, the name finds its origins in China and is influenced by Taoism.

37. Ihbarhasvad – Of Russian origin, this name means ‘great Jupiter’.

38. Ivaanjav – Derived from the word ‘Ivan’, which is Russian for ‘John’, and ‘jav’ which means ‘deliverance’, the name signifies the Russian influence in Mongolia.

Mongolian Flag

39. Jargal – It is a common name meaning ‘happiness’ in Mongolian.

40. Jargalsaikhan – The name is a combination of ‘Jargal’, meaning ‘happiness’ and ‘saikhan’, meaning ‘handsome’ or ‘beautiful’.

41. Jochi – Means ‘The son of Genghis Khan’, a traditional name that carries strength.

42. Khan – A very common Central Asian name of Turkish origin, it means ‘nobleman’ or ‘ruler’. It is now a very widely used name.

43. Khasar – Literally translated to ‘a fearsome dog’, it refers to a guard dog that chases evil spirits away, according to a legend. It originates from the legend of the Chinese ‘stone lions’. In other Mongolian dialects, it translates to ‘archer’.

44. Khavarsaikhan – ‘Khavar’ means ‘spring’ (season) and ‘saikhan’ means ‘handsome’.

45. Khünbish – The name means ‘not human’. It is an unconventional Mongolian name and was traditionally given to children to mislead and confuse evil spirits.

46. Khuyag – Traditionally meaning ‘warder’ or ‘armour’ in ancient Mongolia, this was one of the names borne by those belonging to the warrior clans.

47. Lkhagvasüren – The name means ‘uncertain’.

48. Malchinkhüü – The name means ‘Shepherd’s son’. It originates from the Mongolian word ‘malchin’ which means ‘shepherd’ and ‘khüü’ which means ‘son’ or ‘boy’.

49. Mandakhbayar – The name is a combination of the words ‘mandakh’ which means ‘ascending’ or ‘rising’ and ‘bayar’ which means ‘joy’.

50. Möngkebaghatur – In traditional Mongolian script, ‘Möngke’ means ‘eternal’ and ‘baghatur’ means ‘valiant warrior’.

51. Monkh Erdene – Eternal family

52. Mönkhbat – Of Mongolian origin, the name means ‘eternal strength’.

53. Mönkhsaikhan – The name means ‘Eternally handsome’.

54. Narmandakh – The name means ‘rising sun’.

55. Nurbolat – Originating from the Arabic word ‘nūr’ meaning ‘light’ and the Persian word ‘pulâd’ which means ‘steel’, it’s a common ancient Mongolian name.


56. Oktai – He who understands

57. Otgonbayar – The name is a combination of the words ‘otgon’ which means ‘budding’ and ‘bayar’ which means ‘happiness’.

58. Sukh – One with an axe

59. Sukhbataar – Hero of the axe, axe hero

60. Taimoorkhan – He who is the king and the ruler

61. Tarkhan – He who is skillful

62. Temujin – Iron or strong, he who is strong as iron

63. Timicin – One who is of iron, a strong person

64. Timur – Iron, a person who is as strong as iron

65. Tomorbaatar – Iron, hero or strong

66. Tserendorj – Originating from Tibetan, ‘Tshe ring’ which means ‘long life’ or ‘longevity’ along with ‘rdo je’ meaning ‘diamond’.

67. Tuguslar – The name originates from the Northern Yuan Dynasty. It means ‘playful’, but is also often interpreted as ‘someone who is easy-going’.

68. Yul – From the far horizon

Mesmerizing Mongolian Names for Girls

Mesmerizing Mongolian Names for Girls

1. Altanchimeg – Of Turkish and Mongolian origin, the name means ‘golden ornament’.

2. Altansarnai – Golden rose

3. Altansetseg – This is one of the most common names for baby Mongolian girls. It means ‘golden flower’.

4. Amarjargal – The name is derived from the ancient Mongol words ‘amar’ meaning ‘bliss’ or ‘comfort’ and ‘jargal’ (in Mongolian ‘zhargal’) meaning ‘happiness’.

5. Bajgalmaa – Meaning ‘Mother nature’, the name is derived from the Mongolian word ‘Bajgal’ which means ‘nature’.

6. Battsetseg – Refers to ‘strong flower’, this name is a very common Mongolian name that signifies ‘strength and beauty’.

7. Bayalag – Derived from the word ‘Bayan’, this name means ‘wealth’ or ‘riches’. Babies were often given this name in the belief that it would bring good fortune to the bearer.

8. Bayarmaa – This ancient Mongolian name means ‘Mother of joy’.

9. Bolormaa – Meaning ‘crystal mother’, the name is a combination of the Mongolian word ‘bolor’ meaning ‘crystal’ used with the suffix ‘-maa’ which is of Tibetan origin, and means ‘mother’.

10. Chimeg – Ornament

11. Chimgee – The name originates from the ancient Mongolian word ‘chimeglel’ which means ‘embellishment’ or ‘decoration’.

12. DuurenOriginates from Turkish, this name means ‘full’ or ‘complete’

13. Enebish – It is a common Mongolian name meaning ‘Different one’ or ‘not this one’. It is derived from the word ‘ene’ meaning ‘this’ or ‘that’ and ‘bish’ meaning ‘different’ or ‘other’. This name is traditionally believed to mislead evil spirits.

14. Enkhjargal – Peaceful happiness or peace blessing

15. Enkhmaa – Of Tibetan origin, the name means ‘peaceful mother’ or ‘mother of peace’.

16. Enkhtuya – Ray of peace

17. Erdenechimeg – Jewel ornament

18. Erdenesetseg – A very common Mongolian name meaning ‘precious flower’ or ‘jewel flower’. ‘Erdene’ refers to ‘jewel’ and ‘setseg’ means ‘flower’. ‘Erdene’ is a unisex name commonly used in Mongolia.

19. Galtmaa – Stemming from Buddhist origin, ‘Galtmaa’ means ‘mother of fire’ or ‘fire mother’.

20. Gerel – Light

21. Geriel – A light or a bright light

22. Guamaral – The name means ‘Gorgeous deer’. It comes from the words ‘gua’ meaning ‘gorgeous’ or ‘alluring’ and ‘maral’ meaning ‘deer’.

23. Jargal – Mongolian for ‘happiness’ or ‘joy’.

24. Khaliun – This name refers to ‘red deer’ in ancient Mongolian.

25. Khishigmaa – Derived from the Mongolian words ‘khishig’ which means ‘grace’ or ‘blessing’ and the Tibetan word ‘maa’ which means ‘mother’, the name translates into ‘mothers grace’ or ‘mothers blessing’.

26. Khunbish – Not a human being

27. Mandakh – A common feminine Mongolian name meaning ‘rising’ or ‘ascent’.

28. Margaderdene – The name comes from ‘Margad’ which refers to ‘emerald’ and ‘erdene’ meaning ‘gem’ or ‘jewel’.

29. Möngömaa – ‘Möngö’ means ‘silver’ and ‘maa’ means ‘mother’ in Tibetan. The word translates to ‘silver mother’.

30. Monkh – Meaning ‘eternal’, this name is often used as the first part in compound names.

31. Monkhbayar – The name means ‘eternal joy’. ‘Monkh’ refers to ‘eternal’ and ‘bayar’ means ‘joy’. A variation of this name, which is also common, is ‘Munkhbayar’

32. Monkhnaran – The name stems from the words ‘monkh’ which means ‘eternal’ and ‘nar’ which means ‘sun’.

33. Naimanzuunnadintsetseg – Derived from ancient Mongolian and Tibetan script, this name means ‘eight hundred sacred flowers’. It comes from the words ‘Naim’ meaning ‘eight’, ‘zuun’ meaning ‘a hundred’, ‘nandin’ meaning ‘precious’ or ‘sacred’ and ‘tsetseg’ meaning ‘flowers.

34. Narangerel – Sun light

35. Narantuya – The name is derived from the Mongolian word ‘nar’, which means ‘sun’ and ‘tuyaa’, which means ‘a beam of light’ or ‘ray’.

36. Narmandakh – Refers to ‘rising sun’. ‘Nar’ means ‘sun’ and ‘mandakh’ means ‘rising’.

37. Nomin – The name is from the Mongolian script for ‘lazulite’. It’s an ingredient used in making the precious stone ‘Lapis’.

38. Nominzo – A name is thought to bring great luck and fortune to its bearer due to the words ‘nomin’ meaning ‘lapis’ (a precious stone) and ‘zol’ meaning ‘fortune’ or ‘luck’.

Mongolia Girl

39. Och – Sparkle

40. Od – Star

41. Onon – The name is derived from the ‘Onon’ river that runs through Mongolia and Russia.

42. Orghana – A popular name, she was the princess of the Mongol empire. Another variant of her name is ‘Ergene Khatun’.

43. Oyunchimeg – The name is derived from the words ‘oyun’ meaning ‘wisdom’ and ‘chimeg’ meaning ‘embellishment’ or ‘decoration’.

44. Oyuunchimeg – Decorated or noble mind

45. Oyuuntülkhüür – Originating from Turkish, this name means ‘key to the mind’ or ‘key to wisdom’.

46. Saikhanbayar – The name is a combination of the words ‘Saikhan’ meaning ‘beautiful’ or ‘handsome’ and ‘bayar’ meaning ‘joy’.

47. Saikhanzaya – The name refers to ‘good fortune’. It comes from ‘Saikhan’ which means ‘good’ or ‘nice’ and ‘zaya’ which means ‘fortune’ or ‘fate’. (Phentermine)

48. Sarangerel – Moonlight

49. Sarantsatsral – Moon beam

50. Sarantuya – The name has a Mongolian origin, and it means ‘moonlight’.

51. Selenge – Derived from the river ‘Selenge’ (also known as Selenga), which runs through Russia and Mongolia. The name stems from the Mongolian verb ‘seleh’ which means ‘to swim’.

52. Shurenchimeg – Refers to ‘coral ornament’. The word ‘shuren’ means ‘coral’ and ‘chimeg‘ means ‘ornament’ or ‘embellishment’.

53. Soyolmaa – ‘Soyol’ refers to ‘culture’ or ‘art’ and ‘maa’ refers to ‘mother’. This name means ‘mother of culture’.

54. Suvdanchimeg – The name comes from the words ‘Suvd’ meaning pearl and ‘chimeg’ which means ‘ornament’ or ‘embellishment’.

Mongolian Girls

55. Taban – Splendid or glittering

56. Togtuun – Commonly used for both male and female babies, the name means ‘calm’ or ‘serene’.

57. Tsogbayar – The name is derived from the Mongolian words ‘tsog’ meaning ‘embers’ or ‘glory’ and ‘bayar’ meaning ‘happiness’ or ‘joy’.

58. Tümen – ‘Tüm’, which is of Chinese origin, is the modern Mongolian word for ’ten thousand’. It signifies the strength of 10,000 soldiers.

59. Tungalag – Meaning ‘serenity’ or ‘clarity’, it is another popular Mongolian name, which has Mongolian and Turkish roots.

60. Uranchimeg – Artistic decoration

61. Urantögs – Originally Turkish, the word ‘uran’ means ‘skilful’ and ‘tögs’ means ‘art’. The name means ‘perfect art’ in Mongolian.

62. Uugantuyaa – ‘Uugan’ refers to ‘eldest born’ or ‘oldest child’ and ‘tuyaa’ meaning ‘ray’. It originates from ancient Mongolian script.

63. Uuliinyagaantsetseg – Pink flower of mountain

64. Uuriintuya – The name translates to ‘light of dawn’. In Mongolian, ‘uuriin’ means ‘dawn’ and ‘tuya’ means ‘ray’.

65. Üürtsaikh – In original Mongolian, this name means ‘crack of dawn’. In modern scripts, it translates to ‘aurora’.

66. Yargui – Originating from China, this word means ‘primrose’ or ‘pasqueflower’.

67. Zolzayaa – This name is a variant of ‘zolzaya’, meaning ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’.

Apparently, the choice is yours. You now have a whole list of some peculiar Mongolian names you can christen your children with. You can attest to the stylish nature of these names.

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