Really Sparkling Sun Names to Make your Newborn Glow

Really Sparkling Sun Names to Make your Newborn Glow.

Sun Names: If you have any idea of science, you will agree that the central powerhouse of our existence is the sun. All energy flux in the universe flows and emanates from the sun. Accordingly, people love making attributes such as names to be in relation to the sun.

Really Sparkling Sun Names to Make your Newborn Glow.

Sun names or sun-inspired names can just be all our kids need to put them in the right frame of mind. With the radiance from the sun, everything else seems bright and alive. Sun names will be more fitting especially if such a child was delivered on one of the sunny days.

Apparently, it will be quite a perfect fit to use these sun names to add energy to your home and to the life of your kids. From the brightness to the beautiful rays, to the glittering surfaces, the sun holds so much inspiration. Below is a compilation of some great sun names for you and your family.

Radiant Sun Names for Shinning Girls

Radiant Sun Names for Shinning Girls

1. Aeliana – The name Aeliana is a girl’s name of Latin origin, meaning ‘sun’, which is a female form of the ancient Latin Aelian.

2. Aine – Aine is the name of the Irish goddess associated with the sun. This traditional Irish name belonged to the queen of the Munster fairies. It is also sprinkled throughout Irish folklore as the Celtic goddess of prosperity and summer.

3. Alba – The meaning of Alba is ‘sunlight’. It was also the name of the main character in the famous movie The Time Traveler’s Wife.

4. Apollonia – Apollonia means the feminine form of Apollo, the Greek sun god. The name has an appealing and exotic feel and got popularity from St. Apollonia of Alexandria.

5. Arpina – Arpina has an early morning vibe to it. This Armenian name means ‘rising of the sun’.

6. Arunika – Arunika is another popular Sanskrit name for girls, meaning ‘early morning sunlight’.

7. Aurora – Aurora means the Roman Goddess of sunrise, whose tears turned into dew and name has been popular since the 18th century.

8. cosmo – Here is a name certainly meant for the stars! Cosmo, or “order” and “beauty” in Greek, is a name straight from outer space. Molto Bene!

9. Cyra – The name Cyra is a popular girl’s name of Persian origin, meaning ‘sun’, ‘throne’ or ‘Goddess’.

10. Easter – The name implies ‘where the sun rises’, the word Easter is derived from the German goddess named Eostre, whose feast was held at the vernal equinox. It is also an adopted name for the Christian festival of the resurrection.

11. Elaine – This Scottish form of the name Helen, that means ‘shining light’, ‘sunlight’.

12. Eliana – Eliana is a musical and lilting choice, which has begun to catch on along with the other El-starting names. The meaning of Eliana is ‘daughter of the sun’. The name has made its place in the top 100 and is rising consistently, primarily because it is a multi-cultural name. It is heard in Spain, Russia, Portugal, Italy and Israel.

13. Elidi – The name Elidi has a Greek origin, which means ‘gift of the sun’.

14. Este – Este is an old name that feels fresh! This name has Hebrew roots meaning “star” and is related to the classic biblical name Esther. Another variation is Estee.

15. Hesper – This name, with Greek roots, means “evening star” and could be a cool option for parents looking for a fresh name with an old-fashioned sound. Variations on the name include Hespera or Hesperia, all of which could be shortened to the cute nickname “Hessie.”

Great Sun Names

16. Helen – A name from Greek origin means ‘ray of sun’, ‘shining light’. The name also implies beauty since ancient times.

17. Idalia – Scandinavia is home to some of the most beautiful sun-inspired names. The Greek name Idalia comes from Idalion, a Greek city, meaning ‘I see the sun’. As a name, Idalia is an interesting variation of the currently popular name Alia. Ida would make a quirky nickname for Idalia.

18. Kalinda – Kalinda is a Hindi name, meaning ‘sun’. This rhythmic name relates to the Kalinda Mountains, from which the sacred river flows.

19. Kyra – Kyra comes from the male name Kyros, which means ‘like Ra, the sun’. The name also sounds like the popular Kiera or Keira, but these names have entirely different meanings.

20. Malina  The name Malina comes from Inuit mythology. This is the name of the goddess of the sun. It is considered to be a feminisation of the Scottish name Malcolm.

21. Marisol – Marisol is a perfect name for a summer baby. Combining the elements of sea and sun, Marisol is the perfect candidate for best cross-culture names. This well-used name in Spain is quite common on American television as well.

22. Nada – The name Nada is a girl’s name of Arabic and Russian origin, which means ‘dew at sunrise’.

23. Oriana – The name Oriana is associated with sunrise because of its golden aspect. This name has also appeared in three famous 17th-century plays.

24. Salana – The name Salana is a name of Latin origin, which means ‘the sun’. The name is related to the common Solana, and it has a rhythmic pan-cultural feel.

25. Savita – Savita is an Indian-origin popular Hindi name, which means ‘the sun’.

26. Siria – It is a beautiful name for a girl that comes from Spanish and Persian origin. This name means ‘bright sun’.

27. Solana – Solana is a Spanish originated name that means ‘sunshine’. Just like the meaning, the name also sounds warm and bright.

28. Solange – Solange is a French name that means ‘angel of the sun’. Solange was also the name of the martyred 9th-century saint, St. Solange, who was also a patron saint of rain.

29. Soleil – The French name Soleil for sun may not be much heard of in Normandy, but it has a lot of appeal for the outsiders. The name is usually associated with Soleil Moon Frye, when she was a Punky Brewster.

30. Solveig – This popular Scandinavian name means ‘daughter of the sun’, and it is pronounced with ‘g’ silent. Currently, Solveig is one of the top 100 most popular names in Norway.

31. Stella – Star light, star bright, Stella is a name with might. Derived from the Latin stella, meaning “star,” Stella is a popular pick even for moms who aren’t into the moon. Stella rocketed to popularity in the 1880s as the 59th most popular baby girl name and recently found its way back on the list at number 66. Looks like Stella McCartney isn’t the only “star” in town.

32. Summer – The name Summer brings bright sunshine and warm weather to mind. This popular season inspired name began being used in the 1970s.

33. Sunny – Sunny is also a very popular English name for girls. A straightfrward and cute name, referring to the beautiful sun.

34. Sunday – With its opening syllable, Sunday is one of the most popular girl names. It can also be a unisex name.

35. Sunniva – Sunniva is a Norwegian name, meaning ‘sun gift’. It is the name of the Irish-born patron saint that fled to Western Norway with her followers and eventually died. After the report of miracles, the cave was excavated, and Sunniva’s body was found intact.

36. Thea – Originated from Greek mythology, Thea is the goddess of the sun, dawn, and the moon. Thea is an Anglicized word of Greek name Theia. As a name, Thea has a highly appealing sensitive, serene and artistic vibe to it.

Bright Sun Names for Boys

Bright Sun Names for Boys

1. Aarush – Aarush is a Sanskrit-origin name, which means ‘the first ray of the sun’.

2. Anshul – Anshul is a popular Indian name, which means ‘sunbeam’. It is one of the most popular names for a boy in India.

3. Aditya – In Hinduism, the name Aditya means ‘sun’, is a long-standing popular name. This name is also mentioned in the ancient Hindu texts and Vedas.

4. Anatole – The name Anatole is one of the unique boys’ names with an exotic-ish feel. It is of Greek origin, meaning ‘from the east, rising sun’.

5. Anshul – Anshul is a firm. It means ‘sunbeam’. The stylishness of this name has increased substantially over the years.

6. Alfrothul – This unique name is of Norwegian origin, which means ‘of the sun’ or ‘from the Sun’.

7. Aelius – Aelius is a famous Roman family name that means ‘the Sun’. It was originated from the Greek word, and the name became popular in Greece, followed by Scandinavia and Norway.

8. Aftab – The meaning of this name is ‘the sun’. The name Aftab originated in Africa, but it is used in other countries like India, Pakistan, and the Middle East.

9. Arun – This name is of Hindi and Cambodian origin, which means ‘sun’. As per Hindu mythology, Arun is the name of the charioteer of the solar deity.

10. Apollo – According to Greek mythology, Apollo is the God of the Sun. It’s also one of the ancient god names that have been popularly used worldwide.

11. Baskara – The name Baskara is a boy’s name of Indonesian origin meaning ‘sun’.

12. Blaze – The name Blaze brings up images of a warm, blazing fire or a shining sun to the mind.

13. Cyrus – The Persian name Cyrus means ‘Sun’. It is very popular in the Iranian community and they choose the name to pay tribute to the mighty Cyrus, the founder of the Persian empire.

14. Dismas – Adapted from a Greek word, the name Dismas means ‘the sunset’.

15. Domingo – Commonly heard in Hispanic cultures, the name Domingo is a boy’s name of Spanish origin meaning ‘born on a Sunday’.

16. Eleodoro – Eleodoro is an exotic Spanish name, which means ‘gift from the sun’.

17. Elio – One of the several alternatives of the name Helios, the Sun-god, this Spanish name is one of the popular names for boys.

18. Freyr – The name Freyr has a trendy Norse feel and it is considered as one of the most important gods in Norse mythology. Freyr is the God of peace, fertility and sunlight.

19. Finlo – The name Finlo is the name of Manx origin which means ‘Lugh (the sun God)’.


20. Haru – Originated from the Japanese language, Haru means ‘light, ‘sun’ or ‘clear weather’.

21. Heru – This is a beautiful, Egyptian-origin name for a boy and means ‘Sun God’.

22. Hinata – Originated from the Japanese language, Hinata means ‘sunny place’, or ‘toward the sun’.

23. Ishan – Ishan is another boy name, originated from Hindu culture, which means ‘sun’.

24. Levant – The name, Levant, has its roots from Turkey and it means ‘the direction of the rising sun’.

25. Mehrdad – This is a Persian origin name that means ‘a gift from the sun’.

26. Mithra – This is another name from Indian origin, which means ‘the god of the sun’, in the native tongue.

27. Nova – Nova, meaning new, is most often used to describe a bright star (à la supernova), but it also makes for a stunning name. The name was relatively unused in the US, until 2014 when it shot all the way to 288 on the most popular names list. Much like the stars it describes, when this name burns, it burns hot.

Rays of the sun

28. Ozanne – The name Ozanne means ‘Palm Sunday’. It was initially the name for a Palm Sunday, which came from the Latin word, ‘hosanna’.

29. Phoebus – Phoebus is another alternative for the name Apollo, which means ‘God of Sun’. The name originated from the Greek mythology.

30. Ra – A perfect name for a baby boy, Ra is the name of the Egyptian sun god. Ra would sound good as a middle name, or in combination with a longer name.

31. Ravi – Originated from India, Ravi is a title of the Hindu Sun God.

32. Ravindra – Another grandeur name for boys meaning ‘the Sun Lord’.

33. Roshan – A Persian origin name, Roshan, is also used most commonly in India.

34. Samson – The name Samson, which means ‘the sun’ comes from Hebrew origin. Samson was known as an Old Testament hero who had extraordinary strength.

35. Sharik – Sharik is an Arabic name, meaning ‘one on whom the sun shines’. You can opt for its alternative spelling Sharique as well.

36. Sol – Sol is a Spanish word for the sun and a popular name for boys.

37. Sulien – Sulien is a name from Welsh origin, which means ‘sun born’. It is said to be the name of the most learned man in ancient Wales.

38. Sun – Lastly, sun is the most obvious name for this baby name list. But Sun does only mean the big celestial object. In the Irish language, the meaning of sun is ‘from the town by the river Boyn’. It also means ‘obedient’ in some languages. So this name is full of positive connotations.

39. Sunday – With its opening syllable, Sunday is one of the most popular girl names. It can also be a unisex name.

40. Surya – Surya, the name of the Hindu god of the sun and is mostly used in Indian culture.

How about some glaring sun names for your kids? It will definitely not be a bad idea. Considering how brilliant it will make your kid appear. You should really take a closer look at those sun names if you wish to brighten things up for your kids.

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