Epic and Golden Victorian Names to Depict your Wonderful Kid

Epic and Golden Victorian Names to Depict your Wonderful Kid.

Victorian Names: Do you have any idea of the Victorian Era? Do you wish to know how people behaved then? The kinds of names they bore? Do you there are Victorian names? Victorian culture and norms that were in existence?

Epic and Golden Victorian Names to Depict your Wonderful Kid.

Actually, history has never lacked what to offer to us. One of the most outstanding period in time was the Victorian Era, especially for the British. Have you ever wandered what Victorian Era entailed?

Concurrently, with the trend of industrialization, civilization and development during this period, was the prevalence of certain kinds of names. These names have been tagged Victorian names. They express the nature of societal structures that existed.

Interestingly, with Queen Victoria leading a great revamp of the English empire in all spheres, the period witnessed great strides. Some of these Victorian names indicate lovely features of the leadership qualities of the queen.

Accordingly, looking back at these profound names will give you an idea of the period. It will also offer you an insight into the strong values of the period. Most of these names have been reinvented into modern societies and bestowed upon kids. Below, we have dropped a collection of these Victorian Names.

Beautiful Victorian Names for Girls

Beautiful Victorian Names for Girls

1. Ada – This sophisticated name refers to Ada Lovelace, the daughter of Lord Byron. Ada means ‘adornment’.

2. Adelaide – Adelaide, meaning ‘noble’, was used in high numbers amongst the aristocratic families.

3. Adelia – This moniker, meaning ‘noble’, sounds like a combination of Adele and Adelaide. But unfortunately, it has not been used since the Victorian times.

4. Beatrice – This popular British name is actually French, meaning, ‘bringer of joy’

5. Beryl – It is the name of a gemstone.

6. Blanche – This French name, meaning ‘white’ This name was initially associated with the pale women. Later on, it became a symbol of purity and sanity.

7. Briar – The literal meaning of this word is ‘thorny shrub’.

8. Caroline – If you want to give your girl a free-spirited name, this name is Latin for ‘free/beautiful woman’

9. Charlotte – This popular but sweet name is French, meaning ‘free’

10. Clara – Clara means “bright and clear”.

11. Dorothea – This is a Greek word, which means ‘gift of God’. This name is more like a blessing for your little one.

12. Ebba – The meaning of Ebba is ‘strong’. It was the name of a famous saint of Germany.

13. Edith – Edith means ‘prosperous in war’.

14. Effie – The meaning of Effie is ‘well-spoken’.

15. Eleanor – Its meaning is ‘bright’.

16. Eliza – This is a short form for the famous name “Elizabeth”. Its meaning is ‘pledged to God’.

17. Eloise – You may think of the popular book, but did you know Eloise means ‘rival’?

18. Elsie – This name, which was quite popular in the late 19th century means ‘my God is bountiful’.

19. Frances – It’s reported that Frances, meaning ‘French woman’, was prominent in the Marriage Announcements in the 1820s.

20. Harriet – While this Victorian name is still receiving love in the United Kingdom, Americans are shy about this feminine form of Henry. You can shorten it to Hattie for a true-blue vintage charmer. Harriet means ‘estate ruler’.

21. Hazel – This cute Victorian baby name hit its peak in 1901, taking the 23rd spot. Having fallen off the charts in 1975, Hazel is on the rise again. Hazel mean ‘hazelnut tree’.

22. Isabella – Isabella or Isabel saw an increase in usage towards the end of 1850s. It means ‘devoted to God’.

23. Jane  – ‘Plain Jane’ was not relegated to the middle spot in the Victorian Era. It kept repeatedly popping throughout the centuries. Jane means ‘God has been gracious’.

24. Josephine – Josephine is one of those classic names that must be revived. It was last popular in 1884 when it reached the 45th spot. Josephine means ‘God increases’.

25. Kate – This diminutive of Katherine means ‘pure’

26. Kitty – Another diminutive of Katherine, it also means ‘pure’

27. Lena – This short form of the name Magdelena means ‘woman of Magdala’

28. Lilian – This name is a version of Lily

29. Lottie – This diminutive of Charlotte’s meaning is ‘free woman/man’

30. Lucy – This popular name means ‘light’.

31. Millie – It refers to someone noble or free-born.

32. Minnie – You may think of the mouse, but this name means ‘rebellion’,

33. Nellie – This name means ‘shining light’.

34. Nora – This delicate, bright, name means ‘light’

35. Ottilie – This unusual name is the female variant of the name ‘Otto’, which means ‘riches’.

36. Pearl – This name of English origin means smooth, round bead formed by a mollusk

37. Rayne -This very royal name refers to ‘a queen’.

38. Rosie – This sweet name can never go out of style. It refers to a rose.

39. Sadie – Sadie means princess

40. Sophronia – This is a longer form of the names Sophia and Sophie. It means ‘prudent’.

41. Theodora – Theodora means divine gift

42. Tillie – This name means ‘battle mighty’.

43. Victoria – This name is directly associated with royalty and is the biggest name of the Victorian era. It means ‘victory’.

44. Viola – This name, known from Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night’ is derived from the classic name Violet, meaning the same.

45. Wilhelmina – This name of Grecian origin means ‘with gilded helmet’

46. Winnie – This sweet name means ‘the fair one’.

47. Zadie – This name of Arabic origin means ‘prosperous’

Amazing Victorian Names

Great Victorian Names for Boys

1. Alfred – British Prince Alfred and poet Lord Alfred Tennyson made this name popular during the Victorian era. It means ‘elf ruler’.

2. Archie – This short form of stuffy name Archibald took off in the era when even the boy’s name ended with the ‘e’ sound. Archie means ‘bold and true’.

3. Baxter – This prim and proper British name, meaning ‘baker’, made a strong comeback after featuring in the movie “Anchorman’.

4. Bernard  – This sturdy name, meaning ‘strong bear’, can be softened to the sweet and friendly Bernie or Bern.

5. Bram – Honor the creator of the “Dracula” series by naming your son Bram after the author Bram Stoker. Bram means ‘father of multitude’.

6. Cassius – Cassius is an undeniably cool Victorian name. It means ‘empty’.

7. Charley – To keep it fun and informal, pick Charley instead of Charles or Charlie. Or use it as a nickname for Charles. Charley means ‘man’.

8. Clarence – This baby boy name and even its namesakes are filled with Victorian charm and vigor, whether you take the American attorney Clarence Darrow or the lifesaving guardian from “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

9. Claude – This delightfully short name with Roman roots brings to mind Emperor Claudius. Claude means ‘from the Roman clan’.

10. Douglas – Douglas, the name of one of the most powerful clans in Scotland, was given as a first name for the first time in the 16th century. It’s a dark Victorian baby mean which means ‘dark stream’.

11. Edgar – Edgar Degas was an extremely influential figure during the Victorian era. So was Edgar Allen Poe. This name means ‘fortunate and powerful’.


12. Edison – This name, with its namesake Thomas Edison, embodies the spirit of invention. A distinctly masculine name, Edison means ‘son of Edie’.

13. Frank – In America, Frank was the eighth most popular name in the 1880s. Now, since the number has fallen in the recent times, there won’t be many Franks on the playground. Franks means ‘free man’.

14. Franklin – Franklin is a cool and refined name, meaning ‘free landholder’.

15. Gilbert – This name of the 12th century English saint was introduced to England by the Normans. It means ‘shining pledge’.

16. Grover – A Victorian presidential name (Grover Cleveland), in the present times, Grover is associated with “Sesame Street”. It means ‘grove of trees’.

17. Harold – Harold, meaning ‘ruler’, would be a bold and strong choice for boys of today. You can use Harry for the nickname.

18. Harvey – A perfect example of a wonderfully vintage name. It brings to mind Harvey Dent from the “Batman” comic series. Harvey means ‘battle worthy’.

19. Henry – This classic name, meaning ‘estate ruler’, keeps moving up and down the list. It’s sweet and sounds less old school than Walter and Harold.

20. Ivor – Ivor, meaning ‘bow warrior’, has always been popular in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Cornwall. So pick it if you want to pay tribute to your Gaelic heritage.

21. Jack – Jack with its hard ‘k’ sound was at its peaks in the Victorian era. Meaning ‘man’ Jack is currently in the 46thspot.

22. Louis – It seems that celebs are in love with this Victorian name. Sandra Bullock recently picked it for her son. Louis means ‘famous warrior’.

23. Luther –  A name that always conjures images of the American civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr. It means ‘renowned warrior’. What a fitting name!

24. Martin – A Victorian name that’s enjoying fame in countries like Austria, Spain, and Chile, Martin means ‘warlike’.

25. Merritt – Merritt is a cute English surname-turned-first name, meaning ‘worthy’. It’d be a fitting twist on Everett.

26. Oliver – This classic Victorian baby name has a significant literary clout in Dickens’ “Oliver Twist”. Oliver means ‘olive tree’.

27. Oscar – This award-winning name was adored by the parents of the Victorian era. Oscar means ‘God’s spear’.

28. Phineas – This moniker, with its quirky manliness, seems like it was made in the Victorian era. Phineas means ‘oracle’.

29. Raymond – With a name like Raymond, your son is sure to be ‘a complete man’. This Victorian baby name means ‘wise protector’.

30. Silas – This serious and sophisticated name has the literary association in “Silas Marner”. It means ‘from the forest’.

31. Sterling  – This name has an air of the affluent poise, which one needs to carry the silver-topped walking stick and top hat. Sterling means ‘easterner’.

32. Tesla – Since the interest in Serbian names has been rising, Tesla is seen popping in various places. It means ‘of the axe’.

33. Theodore – In the late 19th century, Theodore was one of the top 40s name. It means ‘gift of God’.

34. Victor – The name may be ancient in origin, but it became commonplace in the 19th century. Meaning ‘winner’, this name would give a solid start to your child’s life.

35. Warren – A tough and rugged name from a dainty era, Warren means ‘park-keeper’.

36. Watson – We must say that detective Sherlock Holmes’ partner makes this name irresistible. Watson means ‘son of Walter’.

37. Wellington – This British surname name harkens to the time of Duke of Wellington. For a bonus, you get Wells for the nickname. Wellington means ‘from the wealthy state’.

38. Willie – We’re sure you’ll find this name in your family tree going back to the 1800s. It started as a nickname for William and which means ‘resolute protector’.

Honestly, some things do go out of style. You cannot deny the depth and prestige these Victorian names have. They still make for great choices of names for our newborn babies.

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